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3 Free Places to Promote Your FundRazr Campaign You Hadn’t Thought of Before

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3 Free Places to Promote Your FundRazr Campaign You Hadn’t Thought of Before

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Promotion is one of the most important aspects of any crowdfunding campaign, regardless of whether its philanthropic or entrepreneurial. Here are three places you can promote your FundRazr campaign that you likely hadn’t thought of before.


That’s right – Pinterest is more than craft and culinary disasters waiting to happen! If you have nice imagery for your business idea or project, or heartwarming photos for your pet rescue, Pinterest can be a great platform for amplification.

There are two necessary factors for Pinterest promotion success. The first is that Pinterest is all about visual storytelling. You will need nice photos and great visual content to stand out at all. The second key to Pinterest success is to start or join an existing board related to your category, so that you’re not starting from ground zero. For example, if you are raising money for an animal rescue, you should join a board related to animals, and use appropriate hashtags that members are using to look for pictures of pets.


buzzfeed-communityBuzzFeed is everywhere. It is a great community where you are encouraged to ‘post your own awesome lists and creations and share them with the BuzzFeed Community.’ Whether that’s 10 Reasons to Adopt Pets Instead of Buying From a Breeder or 29 Ways to Fight for Food Security, Buzzfeed is a place to have fun and be engaging, while using donations as a call to action.
To submit content to the BuzzFeed community, you must first register and then you just create a post on your user dashboard.


Reddit is a user-generated news and entertainment website, or what is referred to as a “social bookmarking website.” Users can submit content, upvote it, and comment on articles/links. The community is divided into subreddits, which are essentially micro-communities surrounding topics like Kickstarter, Crowdfunding, Gaming, Music, and more.

As with all communities, constant self-promotion is frowned upon, so it’s best to get involved early on in the subreddits most related to your campaign and mix in a bit of self-promotion every now and then.

fiverr_screenshot-216b16809ae989525420e1fab325fd4eThere are a lot of free places to promote your crowdfunding project. Just remember the golden rule – quality is number one. Every story you share, pitch you send, and article you write should be interesting and well-written.
Writing and content creation isn’t your strong point? If you need help with writing or creating images, consider using a service like Fiverr. People on Fiverr offer services starting at a base rate of $5 and can help you write a brief press release for you, proofread your writing, or write compelling blog posts for you. It never hurts to ask for help, and for $5, a little professional help could help you raise a lot more.

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