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10 Steps to Fundraising on Facebook: Status Update Edition

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10 Steps to Fundraising on Facebook: Status Update Edition

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People are often wondering how to get maximum exposure for their crowdfunding campaign using Facebook. We have spoken before on how social sharing is crucial if you want to get maximum reach for your crowdfunding efforts. This article will focus on the importance of the Facebook Status Update in order to crowdfund successfully.

FundRazr user Lisa Mazzotta says that a crowdfunding campaign:

“Is not something you can leave and expect to generate any sort of success with just putting your campaign up there. Great, you have made a video, great you have filled out the synopsis of what you’re doing but unless you include all the important elements and then work on it every day, you won’t see any traction with it.”

Facebook Status Update

Why should I post a Facebook Status Update?

Once you create a crowdfunding campaign, and include all the important elements, you want to start raising money. In order to do that you must aim to have a presence on your friends’ News Feed throughout your campaign. A status update allows Facebook users to share their thoughts, news and important information with friends. A status is usually short and gives information without going into too much detail.

Plan your posts ahead of time. Update your status daily, the older your post, the less likely it will be to show up in your friends News Feed. Be sure not to re-post the same status, instead change it up by saying something new every time. Share the latest news about your project, introduce members of your team, ask friends to ‘Follow’ you, tag new friends and change your mood.

1. Post To The Public

In order to make your post noticeable you need select the right audience. Selecting ‘Public’ makes posts available to wider audience. Don’t just permit your friends or friends of friends see it, let the public have a chance to see your campaign. If you just let your friends see it there is no guarantee they will share it on their wall. Sharing a public post could mean you will reach 3 times more people. For example a post that gets 60 likes and 60 shares can reach 200 more.

2. Tag Your Friends

Tagging friends can make the post appear on a friend’s wall, and sends them a Facebook notification. This allows friends of friends to see it, therefore making your post more visible. Choose around three friends to tag for each post. Try not to repeatedly tag the same friends, it could become too much.

3. Provide Your Campaign Link

Providing your campaign link (URL & web address) will allow people to click to open your campaign page. Without the link, the chance of a friend finding your campaign is incredibly slim. Your link is the key to get people engaged in your story, and if your story is compelling enough they will contribute. Including a link in your Facebook post will also preview your FundRazr campaign image. This leads me to tip number 4.

4. Include A Preview Image

Ensuring the preview image appears after pasting a link in your status update makes your audience more likely to click the link in the feed, and also ensures you have pasted the link correctly. Remember to customize your campaign by uploading a high resolution image, otherwise you will be posting a FundRazr stock image (not ideal).

5. Time Your Posts

Posting a status update is all about timing. Timing your posts increases chances of engagement with your audience. Think about the best time of day or week to talk about your campaign. Posting at 1AM on Saturday could cause your status to get lost in the clutter and go unnoticed. If you’re posting from a Facebook Page schedule it.

Buddy Media’s study found that engagement rates for Facebook are 18% higher on Thursday and Friday compared to other days of the week. Posting near the end of the week is a good time to start experimenting with. Time of day also depends on when your network is on Facebook and the timezone you are targeting (eg. Thursday 2PM PST).

6. Add Images

Add several images related to your cause to your status update. Facebook will think that you are posting vacation images and will give it more priority and visibility on your friends’ News Feed.

7. Upload Video

Uploading a short (30 second) video with a thank you message to supporters or with a story update to Facebook helps you speak directly to your audience and give your messages a personal touch.

8. Thank Your Friends

Post a thank you message directly on the timelines of friends who contribute, so that they know you appreciate their help. Their friends will see your thank you message in their news feed as well and might click to see your campaign (always remember to include your campaign link every time you post).

9. Create A Dialogue

If friends ‘Like’ or comment on your post, engage with them. Write a comment thanking them for their support, answer their questions and like their comment. Don’t forget to tag them when you do so!

10. Send A Private Message

In addition to status update for the public, you could send a personal message to specific Facebook friends. Taking some time to write a personal message to a friend shows that you really care about your cause or project, enough to ask them to contribute and/or share it with others.

I hope these 10 steps to fundraising on Facebook help you get the most out of your status updates, and help you raise more money! Remember: Keep your posts relevant, authentic and compelling enough for your audience to support your campaign.

Did we miss anything? We want to know, so write us a comment below.

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