Bon Voyage Party

A Ticket for contributing $25 or more
to The Ovule
by Zoe Fry

This item has been discontinued by Zoe Fry.

This Ovule will be built and set up in Mill Valley, Ca. Ticket is for send off party on Saturday, August 17 6pm-10pm.

$50 USD
The Book
We will be collecting writings and art and printing a paper book, to be delivered October 2019
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$100 USD
Solar power
Help us be powered by solar radiation
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$2,000 USD
Airplane ride at Burning Man
Ready to experience an overview of Burning Man 2019? One flight for three people averaging 175lb per person. (pilot discretion on weight)
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Here's the campaign

The Ovule
by Zoe Fry
  • $12,226 raised
  • 68 contributors
The Ovule Installation is an exploration of the feminine self and the value found there. With three elements, a self, a tree with bark made of small sculptures representing a spectrum of shape, gender, and color, and a chandelier of nature in the canopy