SOLshine—Enlightened Health & Wellness

Patent pending SOLshine Photo-Nutrition™ provides —both ‘visible & invisible light’ akin to natural sunshine... unlike any other 'so-called' full-spectrum light.

Sunlight is loaded with red and near infrared light. Light exposure that’s not balanced like the sun — can be damaging to human biology.

Use daily to counter mal-illumination, enhance student performance and to help mitigate the effects of EMF pollution.

Position light 18-36″ from user.

Aim light down toward the face & eyes.

Bathe in daily ‘morning’ light (20-30 minutes) to sync circadian rhythms to nature.

When eating, reading, relaxing and especially while working at a computer or on a cell phone.

May also be used as desired for an energy boost much like a cup of coffee.

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We've developed the —Fullest-Spectrum Light— that enhances scholastic performance and helps to mitigate the effects of EMF. When applied as therapy it's called "photobiomodulation" and allows the use of light to stimulate the metabolic activity of cells.