The Snow Leopard - A Pictorial Companion

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The Himalayas have always seduced mountain climbers, philosophers, scientists, governments and the writer Peter Matthiessen who went there not only to follow George Schaller in his quest for the snow leopard, but also for the more difficult journey of finding a better truth about himself. In 2014, the author followed their steps in an effort to document what is often hard to visualize while one reads "The Snow Leopard". While enduring cold and the difficulties of high altitude, he was able to beautifully document the land of Dolpo, this rarely visited part of the world. The result is magical and it will no doubt inspire those who have read the book and yearned to travel to this distant land. The book is the perfect companion for those who admire Peter Matthiessen's work, "The Snow Leopard", and follows it chronologically with pictures tied to most of the days in his book.Help Nepal & I'll send you a beautiful book. With your donation we will build a hospital.

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