This item has been discontinued by Four Directional Trading Post (former DTES Market).

Play a part in purchasing a roof for people persevering without the privileges others have.

Purchase this PERK and post it's potential in your social media so that you can empower our purchasing potential.

Funds raised will be matched to create sheltered structure for daytime DTES Market activities!

  • 12 granted
$25 CAD
Social Enterprise Support Staff
  • 20 granted
  • 0 remaining
Pay it forward, for a fellow Vancouverite to earn a living wage and the confidence that comes from keeping the community connected.
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$50 CAD
Hours of Heating 10am-4pm weekday 9am-3pm weekends
  • 10 granted
  • 0 remaining
Create comfort with outdoor heating; that will warm someone seeking wellness. We have these tall heaters & have to refill the propane daily. Safely harnessing new radiant electrical heaters would help too. We could also provide warming blankets with this gift amount. You'll feel great about this as well!
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$100 CAD
Tent & Tarp from the elements
  • 10 granted
  • 0 remaining
Adding tarps would be well worth it this winter! Help us create better sheltered spaces to conduct social enterprise within.
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$500 CAD
People helping people, portable rental potential
  • 3 granted
  • 0 remaining
By providing this wishlist item, another will have privacy. The feeling of having to find a place to go the bathroom in public can be nerve racking. This gift could be delivered just in time.
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$1,000 CAD
Hearty Handwashing Hygiene Helper
  • 2 granted
  • 0 remaining
The rush of warm water, on a cold day never felt so good. Providing people with the opportunity to protect themselves with cleanliness, creates FoodSafe conditions too. Help us host with our own hygienic handwashing stations!
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Here's the campaign that needs your help

Constance's Community Callout
by Four Directional Trading Post (former DTES Market)
  • $11,040 raised
  • 70 contributors
  • 3 years running
We can't wait. It is up to us to look after each other this New Year!

People persevere at DTES Market, 62 East Hastings Street, with profound needs.

Proud supporters have potential to power what is possible, by contributing to this public campaign.