And I Built a Shelf With My Steph // Shelf Class

A Perk for contributing $1,000 or more
to Bring The Folly to Burning Man 2019!
by The Folly Builders

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This item has been discontinued by The Folly Builders.

Learn to build a beautiful wall shelf (long + skinny perfect for plants or pictures of your favorite art piece) with Lead Carpenter Steph Shipman! // 6-hour (ladies-only) class at Steph's shop (in San Leandro, CA) plus stickers + a koozie + a t-shirt + coveralls

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$5 USD
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Bring The Folly to Burning Man 2019!
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The Folly is a whimsical village built around a clock tower, windmill, and performance stage; filled with hidden rooms, secret passageways, and observation decks. Help us gift The Folly to the playa by making a donation & sharing our fundraising campaign!