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HEROES- IPF Fundraiser

Embracing Obstacles- Peace Through Parkour Global Education Initiative to help Parkour Teachers/Leaders around the world

Who we are?

A US 501c3 organization established in 2014, the International Parkour Federation (IPF) assists in the formation of National Parkour Governing Bodies (NGB’s) around the world, mentors young Parkour athletes and coaches, and supports initiatives that exemplify the Parkour philosophy, “Be Strong to Be Useful.” Our goal is to empower local leaders to bring the Parkour lifestyle of overcoming obstacles to all communities to foster self-esteem and the positive vision of a shared future. In recent years, IPF has sponsored outreach to conflict-torn and marginalized regions, identifying “Peace through Parkour” ambassadors and supporting them in their efforts to empower others. IPF steadfastly supports gender, racial and economic diversity and promotes universal human rights in all its global initiatives.

Why we're asking for your help...

The Global COVID-19 Pandemic has had a devastating impact at all levels of society. Despite the fact that young people are less likely to contract or die from the virus, the disruption of our world has nevertheless affected their development in ways that will impact them for years to come. In marginalized communities, the effect is that much worse. The Parkour heroes whom we’ve identified have dedicated themselves to teaching under-served and displaced youth to give them a source of hope for the future. Now, when the need is greatest, these programs have been shut down due to lack of funds and Personal Protective gear, safe venues, or support and guidance by governments and charities addressing other life-saving concerns.  Parkour can be practiced responsibly during the pandemic while still respecting local safety guidelines. Please help us help these heroes and the youth they serve by donating to one of the causes listed below.

Our 3 STAGE Solution:

One size does not fit all; the unique needs of one community may not resemble those of another.  Some are simply struggling to survive as they continue to teach and help others under Covid-safe conditions. Others are able to meet their personal financial needs but require help paying their instructors, getting them Certified, starting a formal business or non-profit, and developing a business plan. The stages listed below will be flexible based on the level of need.

Stage One:

  1. Sponsor a Parkour teacher and his family  to meet basic needs  - an average of 250$ a month will cover food, shelter, safety

  2. Provide protective masks and hand sanitizer for students and teachers - an average of $100 a month will cover masks and sanitizers for a student and his/her family

  3. Provide business and curriculum mentorship to build a self-sustaining program - an average of 10 hours a week worth $1000 is dedicated to mentoring Parkour Chapters and their leaders in different countries for free

Stage Two:

  1. Empower teachers to implement a long-term plan for their Parkour business or non-profit, securing their futures and the aspirations of their current and future students.

  2. Support Teachers in the set-up of legally-recognized non-profits so that they can apply for government and other grants.

  3. Provide virtual parkour teacher training and certification.  Provide supplementary education such as First Aid Certification, English or other language education, Carpentry or Accounting education.  

Stage Three:

  1. Continue to identify Teachers in other regions and share excess funds with them.

These Parkour Heroes have been chosen from among so many deserving candidates because of their dedication to a broader vision. As leaders in their communities, they have demonstrated the commitment to live their dream of helping others in spite of the obstacles they face, and by their example, teaching their students to do the same.

Can you help sustain this virtuous cycle of goodness by donating to one of these Parkour heroes?    

Then pass it along by sharing this campaign with others, via email, social media, word of mouth, or hollering from the highest mountain top!


PLEASE NOTE: 82% of all funds received will go directly to the campaign recipients. The remainder will be used for ongoing development costs of IPF initiatives around the world. All campaign recipients have agreed that should donations exceed their campaign goals, overages may be redirected at the discretion of IPF towards recipients who have not met their goal.



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