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For those that don’t know me I’m Heidi! For everyone else, Hi!

And, if you haven’t heard already, please visit my website at for the full shebang.

For those of you that may not be able to visit the website...

Here’s the skinny.

I have brain cancer. I know what you’re feeling, shock, me too when I first found out.

It started when I was in North Carolina visiting my mom who was having a benign brain tumor removed on October 18th. (She’s recovering great.) While there, I began having some difficulty reading, super aggressive vomiting, and ultimately a raging headache. This lasted for a couple of days. My Nanny fortuitously took me to the ER in our hometown to, at the very least, get some fluids. During that visit, the docs did a CT scan which showed evidence of pressure on my brain and the team recommended further testing. So I flew back to Denver, CO on October 23. Noah (my husband) and I went to Porter ER for follow up. An MRI revealed a mass in my brain and they suggested immediate surgery. On 10/25 I underwent a successful surgery to remove the visible portions of the 25mm mass and the tissue was sent out for testing. I was released from the hospital on 10/28.  On November 1st, I found out I have the deadliest of all 120 types of brain tumors, Stage 4 Glioblastoma (GBM). 

And... about 3 weeks ago we received some exciting news.  I tested positive for cytomegalovirus (CMV).  Which means the CVM is found in 60% of all GBMs.  It's also found in the stem cells of all GBMs.  This gives us reason to think the cause of the cancer could be from a virus. Which we are currently treating with antiviral medications. So, in a world of medicine that's not quite sure what to do with GBMs, this gives us a place to start.

So, we got some fighting to do, huh?

Here’s what treatment looks like.

First I radically changed my diet (bye bye sugar and peanut butter)

Then we started taking every supplement under the sun that is rumored to have anti-cancer properties.  After consulting our naturopathic oncologist and nutritionist, we've narrowed down what supplements work for me.  Luckily, I've been able to take less pills. Yay! 

We've done the radiation and the first round of chemo. I'll still be doing small doses of chemo for the next 6 months. 

I’ve also been doing a number of alternative and spiritual treatments: sound bath, reiki, acupuncture

Soon I’ll be starting Optune. (This is the part where I shave my head). You can check it out here if you want more info ... 

This is what I'll look like with the Optune on 

What I need from you. 

  1. Send positive vibes. If you believe in Quantum Physics, you know energy can heal.
  2. Forward any contacts or resources you may have surrounding successful GBM treatments.
  3. Consider a monetary donation. Unfortunately, stupid cancer isn't cheap. GBM is like a needy, expensive house guest that doesn't know when to leave. If you feel compelled to donate, we appreciate your contribution.


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