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WePay & FundRazr

WePay and FundRazr have teamed up to bring you a powerful crowdfunding tool that gets great results for causes you care about. Reach more people. Raise more money.

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Deep Facebook integration and social networking hooks get great results.

  • Create your campaign in just minutes.
  • Share it via Facebook, Twitter and email. Run it on Facebook, your website and blog.
  • Convert your donors into advocates.
  • Inspire your friends. Your campaign can go viral.

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Payments by WePay

WePay makes payments easy, fast and secure for you and your supporters.

  • Use your existing WePay account to accept contributions. Or create a WePay account in seconds. It’s incredibly easy.
  • Accept credit card and debit payments from non-account holders. Learn how
  • WePay’s ease of use means supporters can pay with confidence and you can raise more money.
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