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There are many benefits to receiving a government or foundation grant, but the funds are often restricted – meaning the money can only be used for what is approved in the application. This constraint can leave budget and funding gaps for essential costs of doing business.

In this live webinar, Daryl Hatton and Julie Jehly discuss how you and your fiscally sponsored projects can leverage crowdfunding through FundRazr and raise unrestricted funds while sharing your sole 501c3 number.

About the hosts


Daryl Hatton - Founder & CEO @ FundRazr

Daryl Hatton is on a mission to redefine philanthropy and help impact organizations effectively innovate their fundraising strategies. He leads FundRazr, an innovative, award-winning global enterprise crowdfunding platform. He currently serves as board member or advisor to multiple start-ups including Canadian securities crowdfunding site FrontFundr, is a Director of the PayPal Giving Fund (Canada) and Past Director of the National Crowdfunding & Fintech Association of Canada. Daryl is frequently called upon for expert commentary on nonprofit fundraising and crowdfunding topics for media sites including CBC, CTV, Global News, TVO, PostMedia, BBC, Forbes and Bloomberg.



Julie Jehly - Director of Fiscal Sponsorship Collaborations @ FundRazr

Julie Jehly is the Director of Fiscal Sponsorship Collaborations of FundRazr, and is responsible for the development, launch and management of FundRazr’s crowdfunding program targeting 501c3 fiscal sponsors and their projects. For several years prior to joining FundRazr in early 2021, Julie was the Development & Fiscal Sponsorship Director with a Northern California based fiscal sponsor. Her experience in the nonprofit industry includes stints with art and environmental organizations dating to 2007. Julie is based in Sonoma County, California.


Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • Defining crowdfunding in one sentence. Yes, it’s that simple!
  • Sharing a real-life example of a restricted county grant and how crowdfunding can fill budget gaps and cover essential cost of doing business expenses not covered by the grant.
  • Showcasing tax-deductible, crowdfunding campaigns to increase unrestricted donations and cover expenses excluded from grants.
  • Important Market Trends - For example, did you know overall online revenue increased by 23% just in 2021 alone?

Webinar Information

Topic: How to Increase Unrestricted Funds & Fill Funding Gaps

Date: Tuesday, January 11 at 11am PT / 2pm ET (1 hour)

Cost: Free! Register Now

Note: Registration is open to all. We suggest signing in 5 minutes early to have the best chance on the live session. This webinar will be recorded - if you cannot make it to the live session, complete the registration form and a recording will be emailed to you.

About FundRazr

FundRazr was launched in 2009 and we are the only major crowdfunding and digital fundraising platform where all fiscally sponsored projects can raise unrestricted funds using the fiscal sponsor’s 501c3 number.