10 Steps to Fundraising on Facebook: Status Update Edition

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People are often wondering how to get maximum exposure for their crowdfunding campaign using Facebook. We have spoken before on how social sharing is crucial if you want to get maximum reach for your crowdfunding efforts. This article will focus on the importance of the Facebook Status Update in order to crowdfund successfully. FundRazr user Lisa Mazzotta says that a …

Sharing Is Caring! [Crowdfunding Infographic]

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There is no such thing as crowdfunding without the crowd. The not so secret key to success is sharing! Follow this infographic on how to get people talking and raise more money! Share it, pin it, print it, but whatever you do … use it.

CBS News: Crowdfunding helps Boston bomb victims pay medical bills

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FundRazr was mentioned as one of the key platforms for raising money for Boston victims. Read the article below to find out how FundRazr is helping raise money for medical bills of the victims. “Jeff Bauman was among those standing in the wrong place — near the finish line of the Boston Marathon — when the first bomb went off. …

Edit a FundRazr campaign

Top 4 Ways to Promote Your FundRazr Campaign

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Find our Success Guide at the bottom of this article to view it online or download it. Promoting your campaign is the key to success – Get started with the following 4 ways: 1. Post Story Updates on your FundRazr Your supporters want to know that their contribution is making a difference to your cause. Post a story update 3 …

New FundRazr Features Release

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Check out our new features that will help you raise more money…and faster! Deadlines Set a Deadline to help you raise money faster! FundRazr has introduced a new deadline feature! You can now set a specific end date to your campaign, either a date or a number of days. The number of days left in your campaign will be displayed …

A FundRazr Success Story: Aprons for Gloves

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FundRazr strives to build a community of giving. Aprons For Gloves, a service industry non-profit organization, helped make a difference in FundRazr’s home community of Vancouver. Their efforts have led to a nomination for Best Social Media Campaign at the Vancouver Social Media Awards. In July of 2012, Aprons For Gloves hosted the Restaurant Rumble, a charity boxing event to …

FundRazr announces alliance with Fundchange!

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Transition your Fundchange project or start a new FundRazr! FundRazr is pleased to tell Fundchange community members more about a dynamic, new partnership for member online giving and crowdfunding. On Dec 7th, Ideavibes announced the wrap-up of their Fundchange initiative. The good news is FundRazr has worked closely with Fundchange to make this transition seamless so good things can happen. …

Melanie Brockmeier’s FundRazr raised $41k – Q & A – Facebook Chat Recap

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On Wednesday November 20, 2012, we hosted our second Live Facebook Chat with our Coaches Laura, Becky, and Lauren and a special guest – Melanie Brockmeier. Melanie’s FundRazr campaign – Leon Brockmeier Memorial Fund – has raised close to $42,000 to honour her deceased husband’s memory. We asked her to join our chat to provide her insight on how to …

FundRazr, Hurricane Sandy, and Facebook Fundraising

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Wired.com recently wrote about the influence of Facebook on fundraising for Hurricane Sandy. Facebook Gifts, Causes, and FundRazr were the mentioned fundraising channels linked with Facebook: “Another Facebook-enabled website and Facebook app, FundRazr, boasts more than 20,000 users, who can set up fundraisers for charitable causes as well as for personal expenses, like college tuition, and for new business ventures.” …

Financial Post names FundRazr ‘Tool of the Week’

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On Tuesday, October 9, 2012, the Financial Post named FundRazr as the “Tool of the Week”. “Tool of the Week: Anyone can raise money for just about anything with this platform. Company name: FundRazr Website: www.fundrazr.com Description: FundRazr provides an online fundraising platform allowing anyone to raise money for just about anything. Creating a FundRazr project is free, and you …