How a Community Garden Used FundRazr for Crowdfunding Success!

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When Greenest City, a Toronto environmental nonprofit, decided they wanted to reclaim a vacant lot and turn it into Milky Way Garden, a space for community agriculture, they knew the most effective online fundraising campaign possible would be crucial to their success. With a hefty goal of $25,000, they’d need to make it crystal clear to potential donors the impact …

Crowdfunding 101: How to Set a Basic Online Fundraising Project Up for Success

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably no stranger to the world of online fundraising. Crowdfunding is a powerful way to connect your cause with the people who care about it, and FundRazr’s mission is to help you do so on your own terms, under your organization’s own branding. Today, we’re going back to basics: showing you how to set up …

Micro Projects – More Campaigns, More Money, Less Work!

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One of the best ways to tackle a big job is to break it down into less intimidating chunks. It’s an approach that works just as well in fundraising as many other areas of life – running multiple campaigns, each with a smaller goal, may be more effective than one campaign with a much higher target. However, while smaller amounts …

Step Up Your Fundraising – Build Volunteer Campaigns Into Your Website!

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As a nonprofit organizer, have you ever had a supporter or volunteer come to you with an idea for how they can pitch in and help with your fundraising efforts? Perhaps they want to set out on a sponsored run, or shave their head to raise funds for your organization! Of course it’s great to hear that your cause inspires …

How to Beat the Mid-Campaign Slump

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If you’ve ever run a fundraising campaign before, you may have noticed that they tend to start and finish with a bang, but the middle is more like a whimper. It’s not just you – it happens to almost all campaigns across all platforms. While it’s no fun when you’re in it, if you know it’s coming you’re already a …

Tax Receipts: When to Collect Donor Information

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One of the many features we offer for non-profit organizations is the ability to automatically issue custom tax receipts. After a contribution is successfully completed to a nonprofit’s crowdfunding campaign, we’ll ask the donor for their information to issue them a tax receipt. This is why we do the data collection after the transaction. Make it at Easy as Possible …

Embedding Campaigns in News Stories: Why It Matters and How to Do It

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I’m willing to bet this has happened to you or someone you know – let us know if you’ve heard this one before. You see an article online on a news website about a family, nonprofit, or project that needs help. The article says that the cause has raised a certain amount of their goal, and names the website that …

FundRazr Announcement: Introducing the FundRazr Community!

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You spoke, we listened. Many of you were requesting a place to communicate and collaborate with other FundRazr users, so we are very excited to announce the launch of the FundRazr Community! What is the FundRazr Community? The FundRazr Community is, simply put, your space! It’s the place to go when you want to share tips and tricks or learn …

So You Missed Your Crowdfunding Goal, What Now?

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If your first crowdfunding campaign doesn’t reach its funding goal, it’s easy to be disappointed. If you’re not disappointed, it’s likely you didn’t have much skin in the game to start with and I’ve already identified why you failed for you! But like anything else, a failed first attempt could actually act as the foundation for a successful second attempt.