Crowdfunding science

Crowdfunding Science a Worthy Pursuit

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Given the exuberant novelty in which the subject is still so often shrouded, crowdfunding most often makes headlines when it’s associated with celebrity or some name-brand initiative. Less sexy, and therefore more likely to be overlooked by news hounds, are those campaigns aimed at raising funds for more humanitarian purposes — like science. Still, a great number of crusades percolate …

Rob Knight at TED2014: Microbes in Your Gut Define You as Much as Your Genes

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At TED 2014 in Vancouver, microbial ecologist Rob Knight talked about the ecosystem of microbes within our bodies, and it’s potential for causing or curing diseases. Rob Knight and his team have launched the American Gut, the world’s largest open-source science project to understand the microbial diversity of human gut. It’s one of the most important crowdfunding projects on FundRazr …