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FundRazr for
Student Travel

Now you can help students raise money for your travel services

FundRazr is a breakthrough funding tool that helps student focused organizations offer students a new financial aid option, collect fees, and promote their brand on social networks.

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$1,180 raised
Help Girls Premier Soccer Team with travel expenses

Help students raise money for travel

  • Students can fund expenses such as Flights, Education travel, Volunteer Abroad programs, Tours, Visa costs, Accommodations.
  • Users can easily create a FundRazr campaign, share it widely online, and securely collect funds directly into their own or the student travel organization’s account.
  • Acquire new customers as the campaign’s social sharing promotes your brand to new prospects.

Benefits for organizations

  • Progressive collaborative financing option for students (non-debt)
  • Hosted directly on organization Website and/or Facebook page
  • Choose convenient fee management flow of funds to student or directly to your organization
  • Secure payments and reporting suite
  • Powerful marketing and recruitment for organization on Social Media
  • Upcoming rewards feature enables promotional offers

Benefits for students

  • Video, images & design options to tell their funding story
  • Easily reach relatives, friends and family
  • Campaign visibility on organization website (password optional)
  • Popularity of Facebook promotes contributions
  • More courses, travel and tools means a richer education experience
FundRazr Partner Program

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