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Now institutions can help students raise money for school

FundRazr is a breakthrough funding tool that helps institutions offer students a new financial aid option, collect fees, and promote their brand on social networks.

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$99,340 raised
Help Keep St Vincent’s Orphans Safe in their Home

Case study:
Earl Woods Scholarships
funded via FundRazr

In April 2012, Tiger Woods launched Tiger’s Facebook Challenge, a FundRazr campaign to raise money for the Earl Woods Scholarship program. Named in honour of Tiger’s father, Earl Woods Scholarships provide underserved students with funding and mentorship for college. In the six weeks it ran, Tiger’s FundRazr campaign attracted more than 700 contributors and raised well over $90,000. Thanks in part to the campaign, 10 new Earl Woods Scholars were guaranteed the resources they need to attend college.

“Hi, my name is Michelle Kim and I am the Program Manager at the Tiger Woods Foundation. I know firsthand how important this scholarship program is for these kids. And I thank you for an ongoing and continuing support.”

Michelle Kim
Program Manager, Tiger Woods Foundation

With FundRazr, anyone can raise money for anything, anywhere.

The Tiger Woods Foundation raised over $90k via FundRazr for college scholarships. View Tiger’s campaign

With FundRazr, anyone can raise money for anything, anywhere.

The 2013 Earl Woods Scholars funded via FundRazr.

Benefits for institutions

  • Progressive collaborative financing option for students (non-debt)
  • Hosted directly on school Website and/or Facebook page
  • Convenient fee management as funds flow directly to school
  • Secure Payments and reporting suite
  • Powerful marketing and recruitment for institution on Social Media

Benefits for students

  • Video, images, design options to tell their funding story
  • Easily reach relatives, friends and family
  • Campaign visibility on school website (password optional)
  • Popularity of Facebook promotes contributions
  • More courses, travel and tools means a richer education experience

Help students raise money for school

  • Students can fund education costs such as tuition, books, technology, fieldtrips, projects, clubs and passions and causes they care about.
  • All users can easily create a FundRazr campaign, share it widely online, and securely collect funds directly into the institution’s Account.
  • Better yet, the student campaigns promote your brand to new prospects.
  • Educators and administrators can also fundraise for projects, facilities or supplies.
FundRazr Partner Program

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