Press Kit

Press Kit

FundRazr is a fundraising platform for anything and everything. From scientific research and personal causes to non-profits and neighbourhood initiatives, we help everyone raise money for the causes that matter most to them. FundRazr is full of important, impactful, and exciting campaigns that are supported directly by the online community.

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The Basics

How does FundRazr work?

At any given moment, thousands of campaigns are raising money on FundRazr. Campaigns are independently created and launched by the person or organization raising money. All of the campaigns you see on FundRazr have complete control and responsibility over their fundraising efforts. Many spend a great deal of time preparing by creating videos, engaging content and brainstorming perks before launching their campaign and sharing it with their communities.

FundRazr campaigns set a project’s funding goal and deadline. Campaign owners can decide if they want to do an all-or-nothing or a keep-it-all campaign. All-or-nothing campaigns collect pledges which are not taken until the campaign reaches the funding goal. Owners running keep-it-all campaigns keep the money even if they don’t reach their fundraising goal. Once a deadline passes, campaigns can still continue to collect money through their FundRazr page.

Why do people support campaigns?

At FundRazr, we’ve seen firsthand that when someone needs help, communities rally together to support their own. Time and time again, we’ve witnessed this when a family or town is faced by tragedy, or when someone is funding for an innovative new idea. The scope of campaigns hosted on FundRazr means we are constantly seeing neighbourhoods and networks support a very diverse range of projects and campaigns, either for perks that excite them, to support research that inspires them, or to help the people they care about.

Is this equity crowdfunding?

No. campaign owners keep 100% ownership of their work. FundRazr cannot be used to offer financial returns or equity, or to solicit loans. Some start-up projects that are funded on FundRazr may go on to make them come to life, but donors are supporting them to help them get their feet on the ground, not to financially profit from them.

How does FundRazr make money?

FundRazr charges a 5% fee. Unlike many other platforms, we don’t charge more if customers don’t reach their goal. There are also payment processing fees of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction by our third party payment-processing providers.

The FundRazr Team

FundRazr Team

Our team, based in the heart of Vancouver’s tech hub, is comprised of crowdfunding experts that are happy to speak to the crowdfunding industry, the innovative technology behind it, and notable campaigns that get us excited. Reach out to us at for answers to your burning crowdfunding questions.

Brand Assets

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