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With only a few clicks, your campaign is up and ready to receive donations. Over 50,000 people and organizations have raised millions of dollars for needs and projects they care about.

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PetFundr was created by animal lovers, for animal lovers. Your campaign means a lot to us and your community. Share your campaign through your social networks to get your story heard.

Animal Lovers Helping Animals

Use PetFundr to collect donations for veterinary bills, farm sanctuaries, animal welfare initiatives, shelter projects and other humane causes. Harness the power of crowdfunding to support the animals you care about!

We Love Animals Too!

PetFundr is created, and run, by a team of animal lovers. Our animal-centric platform connects donors with a wide array of projects that have a positive impact on animals. Our projects support all species, from family pets to zoo and farm animals.

Press & Media

December 14, 2015
“To the animals that call it home, it is a little piece of heaven on earth. Nestled on three-acres of farmland in Mission, about an hour’s drive east of Vancouver, SAINTS Rescue is often the final home for unloved animals…”
— VanCity Buzz Staff

New animal-only crowdfunding site helps pets in need
July 1, 2015
“Victoria Maciver’s first trip to the vet with her new rescue dog Otis was a shocking one: x-rays revealed BB pellets embedded into his back legs. But that wasn’t all. Vets told her that the young Labrador-Shepherd-cross also suffered from carpal valgus…”
— The Pet MatchMaker Staff

May 27, 2015
“A new crowdfunding site solely dedicated to animal welfare projects is harnessing the power of social media to bring much-needed cash to worthy animal projects. The first “animal-only” crowdfunding site, PetFundr supports all species, from family pets to farm animals…”
— Modern Dog Staff

May 25, 2015
“PetFundr users create campaigns in a matter of minutes, and share them with their networks on Facebook and Twitter. Through the power of social media sharing, it’s not uncommon for a crowdfunding campaign to be able to reach an audience of 100 times as many contributors and new advocates…”
— VanCity Buzz Staff

May 20, 2015
“The human-animal bond is one that’s tough to deny, and just about every pet owner will attest to the special connection they have with their animal. But for someone who is living on the streets, pets represent even more: constant companionship, protection, a support system and, in some cases, a reason to live…”
— Darcy Wintonyk, VanCity Buzz Staff

May 7, 2015
“Enter PetFundr, a new Vancouver-based crowdfunding platform built with the goal of giving everyone a platform with which to get their story out about their pets in need. Launched by CTV/Vancity Buzz’s Darcy Wintonyk, it’s an easy-to-use system that works under Fundrazr, which will soon be helping a lot of animals get the care they need…”
— Bob Kronbauer, Vancouver is Awesome

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