ConnectionPoint has been working closely with PayPal as part of their exclusive closed beta program since July 2009.

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ConnectionPoint Systems Inc. was the first company in the world to go live with PayPal’s two new Adaptive Payments and Adaptive Accounts APIs in November 2009.

By integrating PayPal’s new Adaptive Accounts APIs, we’re now able to provide a seamless sign up experience for our users. Users never have to leave Facebook to quickly and easily set up a PayPal account, allowing them to carry on with making or receiving a fee or donation payment.

“FundRazr is a great example of how developers can use PayPal X to do things that were simply not possible previously. We’re thrilled that ConnectionPoint is taking advantage of the new Adaptive Accounts beta APIs to improve the experience of their users on Facebook.”

Osama Bedier,
PayPal’s vice president of Platform