Online fundraising

Online fundraising

Bring your friends together to raise money online. FundRazr makes it easy and effective.

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Online fundraising is within your reach

Online fundraising allows fundraisers to reach more people and raise more money. The FundRazr app brings that huge fundraising potential within your reach. Almost anybody can create and run an effective online fundraising campaign using FundRazr. To get started, simply create a FundRazr campaign, then share it with your friends. FundRazr’s deep social media integration gives your campaign maximum exposure in your social networks. It brings your friends together to rally around your cause. It makes online fundraising simple, fast and effective.

The platform of choice for individuals and organizations

You can use FundRazr to raise money for a personal cause or for an organization. FundRazr is the online fundraising platform of choice because of our tight integration with Facebook, Google+, PayPal and WePay. FundRazr’s Facebook viral propagation features are unsurpassed by any other crowdfunding site. FundRazr can help you save time and energy while reaching a large audience on your social network.

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