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FundRazr is the best online fundraising platform for mental health, rare diseases, cancer and healthcare nonprofits and organizations.

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Raise money for illness treatment, research and care of diseases


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Trusted by World's Leading Health and Medical Organizations
"As a professional fundraiser looking for technology that allows for social transactions this is my number one solution. The tool is effective and the support is amazing. I highly recommend using the product for both simple and complex campaigns."
Jamie Hubick, Philanthropy Consultant
Opportunity International Canada

Well supported, great technology, flexible platform, and incredibly effective.

"When we first set up our Fundrazr campaign I did not know what to expect. I read the easy 3 step process and where up in running within 5 min of sharing our story! We reached our initial goal with in 48 hours and is still climbing. This is like a dream come true."
Laura Gennuso, Fundraiser

Fast and effective way to raise money

"FundRazr is a highly valuable platform offering a perfect setup for running successful fundraising campaigns. It is flexible, operates internationally, offers multiple creative solutions for various organizational tasks and has a powerful social media toolset for promoting the campaigns. We look forward to working together again!"
Lorenzo Boffi, Partnership Development Manager
Union of International Cancer Control (UICC)


"FundRazr is easy to use, and their wonderful integration with Facebook and other social media makes it great to work with! Their dedicated team of coaches are great and their suggestions work! I highly recommend it."
Michelle Carrera, Fundraiser

One-stop, easy!

"As a small nonprofit with only two part-time staff we take on a tremendous challenge to help fund the special needs of dozens of families a year. FundRazr gives us the leverage to make that happen."
Kaete Nazaroff, Executive Director
Ride To Give

Big results with a small team

Campaign Examples
Ongoing health and medical fundraising campaigns

Why FundRazr?

How FundRazr helps organizations raise money for all kinds of healthcare causes

Fast set up and launch

You can start using a broad range of essential features that are needed for any nonprofit campaign for FREE.

  1. Unlimited powerful, responsive fundraising pages
  2. Advanced social sharing tools
  3. Secure and fast payment processing, globally
  4. Unlimited users and more

Healthcare campaigns

Involve community, volunteers and supporters. Run multiple types of campaigns without limitations.

  1. Peer-to-peer campaigns for runs and walks
  2. Microprojects to tell the story of each individual or case
  3. Recurring donations


Wishlists and storefront

Incentivize your donors, let them buy or fund items you need

  1. Create wish lists so your supporters can sponsor items you need
  2. E-commerce charity storefront. Innovative solution to sell and offer items for supporters such as t-shirts, branded items etc

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Powerful promotion

Reach more people and grow your community

  1. Enroll more advocates
  2. Built-in social media sharing tools
  3. Built-in email messaging tools
  4. Enhance your sponsorships to raise more money

Safety and delegation

Grow the number of admins and campaign managers without growing risks

  1. Safely delegate administration
  2. Monitor volunteer activities
  3. Spend less time on training: in-platform automated coaching
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Data management and tax receipts

You can collect and store information about your donors and send it to your CRM.

  1. Integration with your CRM or email database
  2. Customizable tax receipts
  3. Offline donation tracking and management
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