Hurricane Sandy fundraising

Please help with Hurricane Sandy relief

Hurricane Sandy has had a huge impact on millions of people in the USA, Canada and the Carribean. Thanks to over 3000 contributors, $400,000 has been raised to date for Sandy Relief. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. Many more people have suffered the loss of a loved one, property or belongings and need to start the process of rebuilding. We are featuring some current FundRazrs started due Hurricane Sandy below, for those that would like to donate.

Know someone affected by the Superstorm and like to help?

Island Park Disaster Relief Fund

On October 29th our beloved town of Island Park sustained water damage that has never been seen in its entire history. Every single home sustained water damage and many lost everything. These are our families and friends. Right now the situation is not getting better. In fact its getting worse. There is no power or cell phone service.

The latest is that gas and water will be shut off today as well due to fire and sewage hazards. This will make all dwellings unlivable. Many families have no where to go because all their relatives live in Island Park and also lost their homes. I have set up this page as a way to provide relief for these families. Please invite ALL of your friends to this site. IP Families are getting desperate. Thank you for all your support.

Help Us Support The Food Bank For New York City

Special Update on Sandy – From Margarette Purvis, President and CEO

Since before day one of Sandy’s assault on our city, Food Bank For New York City has continued to serve our network of charities and needy families. While we were forced to evacuate our administrative office and suffered a flood at our Hunts Point warehouse, we have continued to get trucks filled with food and supplies on the road before 8am and hot meals from our Harlem kitchen to the families who need them.

Cherry Grove Dunes Fund post-Sandy fundraiser

Cherry Grove is an amazing tightknit community, one which I’ve been a part of for 25+ years. Hurricane Sandy really took a toll on our little piece of paradise, however without the work and tenacity of the Cherry Grove Dunes fund, it could have been devastating. PLEASE donate what you can to this very important cause. If you need more information on what the Dunes Fund is used for, please feel free to contact me. Those of us who live there, work there or have visited know what a special spot it is.
I’d hate to think anything like Sandy could happen again — but this truth is, it’s a real possibility — and the best way we can protect ourselves and our beautiful island is to continue to build up and maintain our dunes. ALL funds raised here at Fundrazr will be sent directly to the board of The Cherry Grove Dunes fund. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask. I’m just a concerned resident and I want to help where I can.

Help for Deployed Rockaways Soldier

On Oct 30, a soldier of mine here in Afghanistan learned that his mother, grandparents, and cat were stranded on a second-floor rear apartment on Rockaway Beach Blvd that was on fire and surrounded by seawater in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Then the phone cut off.
Hours later, and after much worrying and searching for information, he learned they had escaped (including the cat) and were safe in an emergency shelter. But he and his family lost everything in the fire and flood. He was smart and has an insurance policy, and the family will be eligible for disaster assistance. But until all of the assessments and red tape go through, they have nothing to go on but a young soldier’s paycheck.

Hurricane Sandy Relief for Staten Island

by Renee Graziano of VH1’s MobWives (Verified)

This campaign is to raise money and awareness for the victims of Superstorm Sandy. This storm has left my hometown devastated and scurrying for relief in my forgotten borough.
Literally lives have been washed away along with their homes and memories. Children have been lost. Parents have been taken. Pets are missing.
Please help my beloved Staten Island.

Dowansingh Family Fund

My dear friend Janet has spent her life caring for others. As a mother of 6, she brought her children to this country for a better life. She worked diligently to provide for her family, always stressing education and self respect. She cared for my daughter as if she was her own.

On Oct. 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy swept through her basement apartment and destroyed every last item she (and her youngest 3 sons) owned. With only the clothes on her back she is now trying to piece together her life and that of her children.

We lost our home to Hurricane Sandy. Please help.

Our home was in the evacuation zone on Staten Island. It was destroyed in the flood.
There is no insurance to help us so I am raising funds to secure housing, clothing, and essentials.
Any amount helps and is appreciated.

Emergency Fundraiser for Preach (WOS NY)

My brother Preach (SuckaFree MC/WOS NY) is in dire need of everyone’s help. Sandy has washed away his home; he, his wife and kids are without shelter, proper necessities, and clothing. I’m asking for all my WOS family and friends in the MC community to come together to make a contribution for his immediate needs. I will ensure that every penny donated will be given to him.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call/text Prep (WOS Raceteam, Brooklyn chpt) at: 718.916.0781. Thanks in advance everyone, Godbless…WHEELS!!!

Jennifer Whitman Hurricane Relief Fund

Jennifer Whitman and her daughter Devin lost everything they owned when Hurricane Sandy flooded their Rockaway Beach Home. Please help out any way you can.

Hurricane Sandy took it all! Please help

I have just returned from the North East where Hurricane Sandy hit incredibly hard as I know you are well aware. Thanks to the Partnering of St Paul’s Lutheran Church of Amityville Long Island New York we have set out to Help these Families.

After seeing the damage to 3 Family member’s homes, I realized the need was enormous for countless families.

I met a 91 year old man who lives a block over. Total denial! Living in the MESS, nothing working no heat and its 35 degrees there now! I found the Red Cross and hooked them up. I then met a lady at the local laundry while trying to save some clothes that later had to be discarded and this woman just stared. I began talking to her, in hopes to ease some of her stress and she said : you know, It’s not that I have lost everything in my home, it’s not the family photos, it’s not even that I don’t have the kind of money it will take to rebuild. She went on…It’s that I will never forget being at the shelter and watching my precious little best friend have a heart attack. Her pup was only 7 years old. There are tons of people like this and as they begin to sort this mess out and refurbish, they need EVERYTHING. Your donation will go 100% less 5% to FndRazr and Pay Pal fees (To save in these fees you can send funds directly; contact LeeAnn at 914-388-2653 for address) to helping these people with food, clothing, appliances and furnishings. NO middle men and we are working only with suppliers that will work with on significantly reducing prices. ALL Donations will redirected to and then be overseen by St Paul’s Lutheran Church of Amityville. We will have a FULL accounting of every penny as to what was purchased and the name of the Families the items went to, available to anyone who requests it. Please dig deep. Any amount you are able to give WILL help and make the lives of these Families somewhat normal we are hoping by Christmas.

If all of our friends gave just 25.00( that’s less than a movie and drinks for 2), we will get to our goal in no time. “Give generously with a willing heart and you shall be blessed ten times over”. Amen Thank you all for any help you can give.

Rabbi Eli Goodman, Home destroyed from Sandy

My sister, a Shlucha in Long Island, took her 4 kids and evacuated to a friend’s house. They could not have predicted the devastation Sandy did to their home. Their home was completely flooded. All that remains is 2 feet of wet sand and items strewn and broken everywhere. Their house is completely unliveable.

Please give whatever you can to help assist with their immediate needs for the coming weeks.


This fund is to raise money for the purchase of supplies and services for my team and those assisting in the clean-up efforts in Midland / South / New Dorp Beach area of Staten Island that was pummeled by Hurricane Sandy.

Buy urgently-needed supplies for Staten Island NOW

I have been volunteering in the New Dorp Beach and Midland Beach neighborhoods in Staten Island for the past week. These neighborhoods have been hit really hard by Sandy but the residents and volunteers who are trying to put the pieces back together are truly inspirational. I am starting this Fundrazr campaign to get these people what they need ASAP.

For the past week I’ve been driving van loads of supplies (thanks to Occupy Sandy) into these neighborhoods. I drive block to block and when I see someone cleaning up their house, I stop and ask if they need water, work gloves, contractor bags, dust masks, food, personal care items, blankets, flashlights, brooms, mops, bleach….. These residents have very little at this point and they are so appreciative of the volunteers who come to their neighborhood to help. I’ve heard a lot of people say, “Well FEMA’s not here, the Red Cross isn’t here, but you volunteers are a Godsend”.

They don’t have the time or energy right now to get angry. The just keep moving forward with what they have to do. Most residents there have lost everything in their basement and on the first level of their homes (some have lost their homes entirely), they have been without power or heat or showers for two weeks now. I’ve been really humbled by the whole experience and I’m really inspired to do more.

In addition to volunteers like me who drive or walk through the neighborhoods, hundreds of volunteers have been there over the past two weeks to help residents clean their houses. They work in dark basements, they rip out wet carpeting, flooring, and sheet rock, they move appliances and furniture out onto the streets, they clean walls and floors, and they bag everything up for trash removal.

Coordinating these volunteers are some pretty incredible native Staten Islanders. I’ve met Taylor and Tina who are outside the donation center at 192 Ebbitts Street every day. I’ve met Frank, Danny, Daniel, Mike, Rev. Steve and Sister Melissa who are doing the same thing three blocks down at the intersection of Marine Way and Hett Avenue. They keep a running list of houses that need work and then send teams of volunteers out to those houses to help clean them up. Because of their efforts, nearly 500 houses have been gutted and cleaned and over 35,000 meals have been served since Sandy hit a little over two weeks ago.

But here’s the problem: EVERYONE IS RUNNING SERIOUSLY LOW ON SUPPLIES THAT ARE NEEDED RIGHT NOW. The needs of these neighborhoods will certainly continue to change but right now this is what we need most:

Work gloves, contractor bags, bleach, ZEP Mold and Mildew Remover, respirators, dust masks, safety goggles, flashlights, batteries, push brooms, mops, shovels, buckets, crow bars and hammers.

So I’m reaching out to you to help right now. Each day I’ll spend what is raised on the supplies that are needed most out there and I’ll bring them to these volunteer coordinators and will drive them house to house to residents. I’ll do my best to take photos and shoot video so you can see what kind of effect you are having. I can’t thank you enough for reading this and pitching in what you can. Every little bit will help .

I’ll be posting photos, videos and updates here:

Friends In Need

Hurricane Sandy has affected so many family’s and Friends. Our Friend, Tiffany and her family has been directly affected by this disaster. Tiffany lost a lot of her personal belongings as well as valued household items. I am sure that Tiffany would do the same for either one of us. Anything helps and I am sure she would appreciate it. God Bless her and her family.

Plant Specialists Sandy Relief fund

Many of our staff have been affected by Hurricane Sandy – and have lost everything. We are doing a quick raising of money which will go towards buying non perishable food water and batteries etc for those that need it now.
The area that we will be taking these supplies to will be The Rockaway’s area where people are still without power food fresh water and other essential items. We will raise money over the weekend – purchase on Monday and deliver Monday night. Fast and furious !