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Grow your fundraising ideas

Fundraising ideas need support to grow. FundRazr brings friends together to provide that support. All it takes is a few minutes to start a FundRazr campaign. FundRazr is the fundraising platform your ideas need to succeed.

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Say goodbye to bake sales

Traditional fundraising strategies like bake sales and door knocking are labor intensive and take a lot of time. Sometimes they end up costing money rather than raising money. With FundRazr, you will never owe us anything.

Every FundRazr campaign is free to set up. You only pay a small fee for each contribution you receive. That means that there is no up front investment. Plus, with FundRazr the money you raise is available immediately. And unlike other fundraising sites, FundRazr won’t penalize you if you don’t reach your goal. We know you care about your cause. Using our powerful Facebook fundraising app will save you time and money.

What do people raise money for?

FundRazr works for all sorts of fundraising ideas. You can raise money for yourself, a friend, a family member, an organization, a non-profit, a school, a community, for politics. Here are just a few examples of the many types of campaigns possible with FundRazr:

Non-profit campaigns can achieve amazing results with FundRazr. For example, look at the recent FundRazr campaign for Save The Children by Sharecraft 2012. Sharecraft used the FundRazr Facebook fundraising platform to raise $1 million for starving children in the horn of Africa in less than 100 days.

What’s your fundraising idea?

Do you and your friends have a cause you care about? FundRazr is here to empower you. Take charge of your situation. Where there is a will, there is a way. Start a FundRazr campaign.

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