Edit a FundRazr campaign

How To Update Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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Provide supporters with an update on how your campaign is going in order to share a story that will inspire more donations. Watch our “how to” video to get some useful tips. Update people on your story not just what you need from them. In your update, use things like: Photos Videos Progress Donation levels The deadline Media coverage (articles …

Perks for non-profits

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Incentives for Crowdfunding

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Incentive-based crowdfunding has become a crucial way for writers, artists, filmmakers and entrepreneurs to raise money for their creative projects and ideas. The main point of it is to provide contributors with a thank you gift or an “incentive” for a specific amount of donations. It’s been a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to pre-sell their products and test out the …

Last chance animal rescue

Case Study: How Last Chance Animal Rescue Helped Thousands Escape Death

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We keep helping non-profits and rescues raise money for animals in need and asking for their feedback and fundraising experience to share with other organizations and those who care. Here is our interview with Judith Langmaid from one of the amazing animal rescues, Last Chance Animal Rescue, who revealed their best practices on how to build an online community of …

Top 10 Crowdfunding Secrets Revealed

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Let’s be honest. Crowdfunding can be a lot of work, but more importantly it has the power to make a creative idea into a reality, give life to new businesses and ultimately change lives. As FundRazr Success Advisor, I am constantly coaching people on the best practices of crowdfunding. But sometimes tips and tricks are best heard from someone who …

PR 101: How to pitch your story to the media and why you should

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You have read our tips for Facebook and Twitter; now, we are going to teach you how to pitch your stories to news media! Statistics suggest that campaigns that receive news coverage (either online or offline) raise 2 to 3 times more than campaigns that don’t. Furthermore, campaigns with news coverage also receive more anonymous donations. Examples of news covered …

10 Steps for Promoting Your Cause on Social Media (Infographic)

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Our 10 step infographic for promoting your cause on social media! Step-by-Step Tips: 1. Create a dedicated website. Have a website dedicated to connecting your audience with your cause. 2. Your social media following is extremely important, so be sure to dedicate some time and effort to provide fresh and engaging content about your cause. This will increase your outreach …

5 Ways To Step Up Your Crowdfunding Game

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1. Share On Social Media When you fund raise using social networks, you create trust and visibility for the campaigns you create, support or share. Think of your crowdfunding campaign as a compelling piece of content and your goal is to build a community around your cause. By linking your social networks to your FundRazr you make it easier to …

Nonprofits: 4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Page

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With the dominance of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube in the world of crowdfunding, sites like LinkedIn may tend to get a bit overshadowed; but that shouldn’t mean, however, it is not a valuable asset for your non-profit. LinkedIn is a leader in the online business community and can be a great place for business professionals to discover your brand. …

Nonprofits: 7 Best Practices For Distributing Your Content On Social Media

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Increasing your nonprofit’s engagement on social media can be tricky and, at times, time consuming, but it’s importance for your nonprofit’s online presence cannot be understated. Whether you are just launching yourself on social media or looking for ways to improve your presence, following these 7 best practices will be sure to help maximize your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts on social …

5 Tips to Make Your Crowdfunding Campaign Stand Out

5 Tips to Make Your Crowdfunding Campaign Stand Out

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You’re starting a crowdfunding campaign. You know you have a good cause but you find many campaigns that are similar to yours. How do you set yours apart? What is going to make your campaign generate awareness successfully compared to others? Here are 5 tips that can help make your crowdfunding campaign standout: 1. Your Campaign Needs to be Likeable …