So You Missed Your Crowdfunding Goal, What Now?

Trish Sissons Tips & Tricks

If your first crowdfunding campaign doesn’t reach its funding goal, it’s easy to be disappointed. If you’re not disappointed, it’s likely you didn’t have much skin in the game to start with and I’ve already identified why you failed for you! But like anything else, a failed first attempt could actually act as the foundation for a successful second attempt.

7 Steps to Nailing the Number 1 Key to Campaign Success

Trish Sissons NonProfits, Tips & Tricks

Stories connect and unite us, and telling your story authentically is a huge part of resonating with potential donors. But as your audience is inundated with more and more native content, the need to stand out and differentiate your campaign has become even more profound. It’s not a secret any longer that video holds the key to opening more donor doors. However, as campaigns become more saturated with video content, it’s not enough to include a video, you need to include good video.

Twitter tips

7 Quick Twitter Tips To Market A Crowdfunding Campaign

Tatyana Kapkan NonProfits, Tips & Tricks

Today, it would seem that almost everyone is using Twitter. It’s a simple, and rapidly talked-about, social networking service. With everyone a ‘twitter’ about Twitter, does everyone know how to use it effectively for their crowdfunding campaign? How to give a project visibility? Engage more people on Twitter? Consider the following 7 quick tips to market your crowdfunding campaign. #1. …