Tax Receipts: When to Collect Donor Information

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One of the many features we offer for non-profit organizations is the ability to automatically issue custom tax receipts. After a contribution is successfully completed to a nonprofit’s crowdfunding campaign, we’ll ask the donor for their information to issue them a tax receipt. This is why we do the data collection after the transaction. Make it at Easy as Possible …

How to Use LinkedIn for Your NonProfit

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LinkedIn is integral to telling your nonprofit organization’s ‘professional’ story. With over 400 million professional users, LinkedIn is a great resource for potential donors and potential partner corporations. Think of LinkedIn as a constant, virtual networking event at your disposal. You want to be on your A-game so you can: Share your organization’s elevator pitch with the professional world Share …

To the Next Level: How to Convert Your Social Media Followers into Donors

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People are quick to like the causes they care about on social media. They’ll dole out the likes, shares, and retweets with abandon, but getting your followers to step up and support your cause with their hard-earned money requires more work. The good news is that if they’re already engaging with you on social media, they’re more likely to donate. …

One Woman’s Foray into Fundraising for the Rare Disease Foundation

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This guest post was written by Allison Jones on behalf of the Rare Disease Foundation in support of Rare Disease Day on February 29th. I never would have thought that I would be involved in fundraising but after having my second child, who is now five, things just kind of took off… in particular in the past year! Life changes …

FundRazr Announcement: Introducing the FundRazr Community!

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You spoke, we listened. Many of you were requesting a place to communicate and collaborate with other FundRazr users, so we are very excited to announce the launch of the FundRazr Community! What is the FundRazr Community? The FundRazr Community is, simply put, your space! It’s the place to go when you want to share tips and tricks or learn …

7 Steps to Nailing the Number 1 Key to Campaign Success

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Stories connect and unite us, and telling your story authentically is a huge part of resonating with potential donors. But as your audience is inundated with more and more native content, the need to stand out and differentiate your campaign has become even more profound. It’s not a secret any longer that video holds the key to opening more donor doors. However, as campaigns become more saturated with video content, it’s not enough to include a video, you need to include good video.