11 Essential Ingredients Every Crowdfunding Campaign Needs [Infographic]

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You’ve decided to start a crowdfunding campaign for your project or cause. You want to set up everything right to make your campaign a success. You choose a crowdfunding platform that responds to your needs, create a campaign and tell your story. But you are not done. You also must ensure that your crowdfunding campaign has all of the essential …

Fundraising Technology

Fundraising Technology On The Rise

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For profit, businesses aren’t the only enterprises that can boost revenue and increase customer loyalty and retention with technology. Here’s a look at how some new technologies can maximize your fundraising efforts: Mobile is mainstream. The latest mobile ownership and use figures released by Pew Research Center reveal that 64 percent of American adults now own a smartphone. Among Americans …

Crowdfunding Your Fun Run for a Good Cause

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Last week, your mom called and told you your favorite aunt has cancer. After getting over the shock of the sad news, you decided to do something tangible to raise money for your dear aunt. And, because you are a runner, you immediately thought of organizing a fun run in her honor. While this is a great idea, you may …

5 Ways to Boost Your Next Fundraiser_FundRazr

5 Ways to Boost Your Next Fundraiser

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Whether you’re a fundraising aficionado or a newbie just starting out, kudos to you. It can be exciting to plan and launch a fundraising campaign, but it also can drain you. Without the proper tools, you can end up exhausted and overworked. So, before you start your next fundraising campaign, consider these five tools: Make It Mobile While mobile apps …

10 Steps To Crowdfunding Success [Infographic]

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With the ever increasing amount of noise on the internet it can be hard to get noticed. Crowdfunding for a project or cause can be a very rewarding process if you include the essential ingredients to success. Our FundRazr Coaching Team created this infographic on how to get your fundraiser noticed, this includes tips on activating your community and how …

5 Signs That You’re Ready To Crowdfund

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As a FundRazr Coach, I work with thousands of people to ensure they are set up for success. Majority of people I work with are curious to know the formula for successful crowdfunding. Not everyone is entirely ready to take on crowdfunding, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream. What it means is that it takes …

FundRazr 2014: A Year Of Social Giving

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Crowdfunding is big. And it’s going to get even bigger in our lives. 2014 was the year of social giving on FundRazr. 298 thousand people around the world contributed $20 million dollars to help a variety of causes. We highlighted some of the remarkable ones that brought together large groups of supporters to turn dreams into reality and transform lives. …

Should I Hire A Crowdfunding Consultant?

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Darryl Burma is the CEO & Co-founder of CrowdMapped which is the worlds’ first ever global geo-location based crowdfunding businesses and services directory and 411 search site. You can also find Mr. Burma on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. So you’ve heard about crowdfunding and have a great product, cause, business or creative idea that you need to raise money for. …

Fundraising Putting Your Hobbies to Good Use

Fundraising: Putting Your Hobbies to Good Use

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Sometimes an organization needs to get creative with its fundraising efforts if it wants to reach its goals. Fundraising has been a challenge for organizations over the last few years, but there have been positive changes as well. Causera reports that total charitable giving from donors has not rebounded from the recession; however, online donations increased by 10.9 percent in …