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6 Top Crowdfunding Websites: Which One Is Right For Your Project?

FundRazr is dedicated to raising money for anything from personal causes to nonprofits to entrepreneurial projects.

Pros: Deep social network integration to connect to people in your network, cheap and convenient transaction fees with funds going directly to your PayPal, can be used to fund anything, anywhere.

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Digital Journal

Crowdfunding’s Final Frontier – Extraterrestrial exploration Powered by FundRazr

The crowdfunding innovators at FundRazr are proud to announce they are powering PayPal Galactic’s partnership with SETI Institute to crowdfund life on earth, and search for ET (extraterrestrial) life beyond it. SETI’s Curiosity Movement crowdfunding campaign is changing the way scientific research is funded and completed; FundRazr’s platform is making the exploration of these new frontiers possible.

Like to join the team of space explorers and be a member of the crew that discovered another planet teaming with life?

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Crowdfund Insider

Crowdfunding Site Fundrazr Wins Most Promising Startup Award

Vancouver based FundRazr has announced they have been selected winner for the Most Promising Start-up at the 2013 Technology Impact Awards (TIAs) hosted by the British Columbia Technology Industry Association (BCTIA) on June 6th.

“We are honoured to accept this TIA award on behalf of our amazing team and especially our 38,000 customers that raised over $25 Million on our platform,” noted Founder/CEO Daryl Hatton. “The FundRazr team is very proud that our transformation of the business of funding projects and causes is being recognized by the technology community. Our growth is phenomenal, as we have already raised more funds for customers in 2013 than in all of 2012.”

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25 Amazing Crowdfunding Stories Highlight FundRazr’s $25 Million Milestone

FundRazr announced today that it has now raised over $25 Million for over 37,000 campaigns in 18 different countries since its launch in July 2010. In celebration of FundRazr’s $25 million milestone, they’ve created a countdown of their 25 Most Notable Campaigns.

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Tech Vibes

The Good and the Bad of the 2013 Vancouver Social Media Awards

FundRazr was awarded the Best Social Media Campaign (non-profit) at the 2013 Vancouver Social Media Awards.

“Fundrazr’s Daryl Hatton spoke eloquently and succinctly when at the mike, stating that since the other nominees had used Fundrazr in the past, any win at all would have been a win for Fundrazr.”

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Shaw Tech Report on Global TV

Bradley Shende talks about crowdfunding

“FundRazr is an amazing platform…to crowdfund basically anything. What’s amazing about it though, is that you literally put a call out, and using social media you are able to connect with social media and you are able to crowdfund anything anywhere.”

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Tech Vibes

Vancouver’s Fundrazr Hits $20 Million in Donations

“Fundrazr has just hit the $20 million mark in international donations; a typical day at their offices now sees $50,000 coming in the door…Fundrazr can perhaps count itself as one of the greatest local startup successes.”

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USA Today

‘Crowdfunding’ sites pay medical bills, raise hopes

“People know who they are donating to,” says Daryl Hatton, the founder and CEO of FundRazr. “But one of the big surprises is that people saw how many complete strangers were donating to them.”

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Global TV: Video

News Hour – Social media and charitable giving

“If we used to have problems in our community, we would pass the hat along among our friends. This is just using social media to help make it easier to pass the hat”, said FundRazr CEO Daryl Hatton.”

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Tech Vibes

Facebook Highlights Canadian Startup as One of World’s Most Innovative Open Graph Developers

“Facebook took the time to highlight a select few [developers], showing off how they’re making a difference. Among the five highlighted, one was a Canadian startup by the name of Fundrazr.”

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National Crowdfunding Association of Canada

OMNI college adds FundRazr as Revolutionary New Funding Option

“‘We are extremely excited about this new opportunity for students interested in joining our College,’ says Jade Burke, President of OMNI College… ‘It will help open doors for some individuals that were once closed’.”

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Can Facebook Army Supercharge Nonprofit Fundraising? First Test: Sandy

“Facebook-enabled website and Facebook app, FundRazr, boasts more than 20,000 users, who can set up fundraisers for charitable causes as well as for personal expenses, like college tuition, and for new business ventures.”

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Georgia Straight

Vancouver startups put a new spin on crowdfunding

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PayPal Community Forum

How to add FundRazr as an option to pay on Facebook

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Fundchange Announces Alliance with FundRazr and Wrap-?Up of one of Canada’s First Crowdfunding Initiatives

“Ideavibes founder and CEO, Paul Dombowsky, announced today that they are wrapping up their Fundchange initiative on December 9th, and helping members to transition to Vancouver based FundRazr for their online giving and crowdfunding needs.”

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BC Innovation Council

The right idea at the right time: FundRazr

“FundRazr provides an easy way for anyone to create a personalized fundraising campaign that can be easily shared thanks to the viral power of social media.”

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Wall Street Journal

PayPal Woos Developers In Bid to Protect Its Turf

“Companies that have been testing the new software include Twitpay Inc., a Twitter-based payment service, and ConnectionPoint System Inc.’s FundRazr, which allows groups to collect money and manage members on Facebook.”

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Facebook Announces Tight Integration of 60 Apps to Timeline, More on the Way

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All Facebook

60 Companies Unveil Open Graph Applications For Facebook Timeline

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Business in Vancouver

Hoping to help Facebook friends in need

“Vancouver’s ConnectionPoint Systems realizing the fundraising potential of social networks”

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Social Times

PayPal Makes Online Fundraising a Social Experience with FundRazr

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Exclusive Interview: Vancouver’s FundRazr raises the bar with monumental PayPal and Facebook collaboration

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Why Paypal May Do to Payments What Apple Did to the Mobile Ecosystem

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FundRazr showcased at PayPal Conference

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Fundrazr: PayPal’s Adaptive Account and Payment APIs Realized

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FundRazr: A Simple, Social, Payments Collection Service for Facebook

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PayPal Partners With FundRazr And Lottay To Test New Adaptive Payments API

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PayPal X Beta Developers Launch at TechCrunch 50

“FundRazr is a great application from a Canadian developer called ConnectionPoint Systems that provides an easy way to collect money from people on Facebook.”

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