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The Helmand Cats  Rescuer says:

Around March of this year I deployed to Afghanistan and linked up with four other contractors. Daily life out here can be very repetitive sometimes, so we are always looking for things to break the day up. Lucky for us, about a month in something came looking for us!


 At first, we did not know if she was going to stick around as we had all had “deployment animals” before and they usually all tend to continue their journeys elsewhere after a few days.

This one however, did not.

We ended up naming her Stella and kept her well-fed and in good health. After a while she never left our small compound! She had become part of the team.

Stella is a very vocal cat. She will meow until she gets her much-needed attention, wants food and/or water, or just wants to have a little conversation. She enjoys walking around the compound and lounging on whatever object is nearest to one of us while we are working.

A few weeks after she began staying with us, we noticed a few things that made us curious. After some research we found out she was pregnant! None of us had dealt with a pregnant cat before so we had to learn as we went and find out as much as we could through use of the internet. We ordered kitten food and extra dishes as well as gave our soon-to-be-mama as much attention as she could handle. We even made her a fancy birthing box!

About a month later she gave birth to five healthy kittens: one female and four males. Soon after we were certain we had to take them back to America with us.

We watched them grow bigger every day and made sure they never ran out of anything they might need. When they became old enough, we allowed them out of the box to run around. Watching them explore was one of the highlights of having them around as they are very curious animals. They eventually got big enough to begin wrestling with Stella which was also very enjoyable.

Our time with Stella and her kittens was worth every day. They got rid of the monotony and gave us something to look forward to during our time off from work.

We are working hard with The Nowzad Charity to bring them home with us safely.

Thank you for all your help!


Donations via check can be mailed to:

Nowzad Dogs NFP, 2770 Main Street #161
Frisco, Texas, 75033, USA

Please include the animal that you would like to donate to in your mailing.

If, for whatever reason, the companion animal rescue is not successful (such as disease or injury) then at the discretion of Nowzad Dogs, the funds collected via this Fundrazr page will be allocated to support the vital daily operational costs of the Nowzad Dogs small animal clinic and shelter in Kabul.
The total required for a companion animal to travel to North America is usually a minimum of $5000 for a dog and at least $3000 for a cat (we make no profit and everything is subject to currency valuations and fuel prices on the day). We are sadly unable to offer refunds on donations. 

To receive a tax-deductible receipt where applicable, or for any other queries including copyright of photos, please contact:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Nowzad Dogs is a 501c3 non-profit in the USA and a registered charity 1119185 in England and Wales 



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