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Charlie and Chonk's Soldier Savior says:

Four months ago, Chonk was found as a puppy, maybe only one month old, on the far side of our base.
We were unable to find any mama or littermates, so we think she is an orphan.
She quickly became the darling of our detachment and everyone helped feed, train and love on her.
She loves belly rubs and treats.
She became best friends with Charlie, another older dog that wandered into our living area. Charlie wandered into our lives five months ago. She started hanging out around our gate and would stand guard over our living area at night. We would feed her and set up an area for her to sleep in.
Eventually, we gained her trust and she began following us around as we would do physical exercise and conduct maintenance on our helicopters.
She soon became known all around the base because she would roam all day and night. She also became known as a shoe thief, when we would find random boots and slippers laying around.
She became best friends with all of our puppies, leading them on escapades and random roamings as they grew.
She is very calm and lovable.
She feels most comfortable outside but will come in when she doesn't feel cornered.
She loves peanut butter and peanut butter cookies. Matt, one of our flight medics, will be taking her home with him and Chonk is coming home with me!


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If, for whatever reason, the companion animal rescue is not successful (such as disease or injury) then at the discretion of Nowzad Dogs, the funds collected via this Fundrazr page will be allocated to support the vital daily operational costs of the Nowzad Dogs small animal clinic and shelter in Kabul 
The total required for a companion animal to travel to North America is usually a minimum of $5000 for a dog and at least $3000 for a cat (we make no profit and everything is subject to currency valuations and fuel prices on the day). We are sadly unable to offer refunds on donations. 

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