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50 000 euros?! Outrageous, right? I know but there's a reason for this sum, so please bear with me. (At the bottom, I'll attach shelter's direct bank account details. Please use them if that is more convenient to you). 


"Katino svajone" (in English it means kitten's dream) is the only shelter in Kaunas, Lithuania, dedicated to exclusively helping cats. We do have shelters that take in cats but they mostly focus more on dogs. However, same as in most places around the world, here the population of stray cats surpasses one of stray dogs. Hence, it is absolutely crucial to keep this shelter open to help our purring friends.
My name is Juste and I work as a freelance journalist. I write for the magazine "Kaunas full of culture".  Last year we decided to dedicate December's issue to the people who do altruistic work and help others in need. This is how I first encountered "Katino svajone". They aren't really talked about much in media even though the volunteers are working really hard to make a difference. I had the pleasure to interview two of the founders of the shelter. 

This cute baby is standing on the magazine which has an article about the shelter! This cute baby is standing on the magazine which has an article about the shelter!

Ok, so I know myself and I adore cats and I knew that my heart is going to melt when I see all the cats in the shelter. But oh, boy I was not prepared! What's great though is that I was not saddened by what I saw but rather really inspired by the constant care and attention that the volunteers of the shelter give to the purring residents. At almost all times 60 cats and kittens take shelter in "Katino svajone". In the shelter, they are provided with high-quality food, toys, sleeping beds, and needed medicine until they find their forever home. Another thing that I truly adore about this shelter is its strict policy to not overcrowd the rooms. Their current capacity is 60 spaces for cats and that number is never exceeded because the volunteers believe that a high-quality care is of a much better value than a mediocre one. That is not to say that they do not help more cats in need. The shelter also brings strays to vets for neutering to keep the population in check, they also share information about missing cats and try to help owners find their beloved animals. Also, some cats take temporary shelter in the homes of volunteers. This is especially important for the little kittens who need constant care and love. 

Who could say no to those eyes? And those paws, right?

This brings me to the reason why I started this fundraiser and why the sum in question is so big. "Katino svajone" is currently renting out a tiny two-floor house in a garage area. There are plenty of issues with the place, for example, there's no central heating hence they need to use electric heaters which cost a lot to keep running (electricity is the more expensive alternative). Also, there is no water, so volunteers need to walk to a garage next door to bring buckets of water. Rough, right? But that isn't the main issue. These problems could be fixed with small investments. However, the space is rented out temporarily and in the near future, most likely this year, the little house will be demolished and in its place a business centre will be built. Which leaves the shelter and its kittens without a home. "Katino svajone" is trying to raise 60 000 euros to purchase a new place for the shelter. The shelter is looking for a space similar to the one they have now (small but with many separate rooms so cats wouldn't all need to share just one room). Ideally it should also have proper heating, water, and other essentials. As of today, 7625,22 euros have been donated locally in the span of 6 months. Which is generous but really far away from the goal. So, I created this fundraiser of 50 000 euros to help the kittens find a new (temporary) home. 

If you want to see more pictures of inhabitants of "Katino svajone" you can visit their instagram. Sadly all of the text is in Lithuanian only but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying the cuteness of those beauties. 


They also have a Facebook page (in Lithuanian).

If you'd like to read the article that I wrote about the shelter you can find it here (page 20-27). This one is in English!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Needed be, I'll provide a direct contact of the shelter. However, I'm doing this on my own personal initiative (with the shelter's approval) and I speak fluent English, so it might be easier to communicate with me. 


Beneficiary: VŠĮ Katino svajonė

Company code: 302899022

Bank account number: LT887300010157923396

Bank: AB Swedbank

Purpose: Parama prieglaudos patalpoms (donations for new home)


This fundraiser is linked directly to the shelter's PayPal account , I will not be part of the financial transactions. 


The banner picture was taken by Arvydas Ciuksys.  The rest of the pictures belong to the shelter.

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