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Free, Then Rebuild, Our World, Together

One by one from the 'covid' corruption ashes.

Hello, I'm David Schied, and I live in Novi, Michigan, USA. I am serving as the spokesman and head of finance for this ambitious project to help everyone harmed by the terminal level of corruption in our society, which has been accentuated by the 'covid' emergency,  back on their feet again.

FLOW founder, Brian Wright, is my friend and the proprietor/brainchild of the project at this point. As funds come in, he will be transferring the fundrazr to a corporate association or suitable audited entity to assure contributors that funds are reasonably and efficiently distributed to those in need of relief and restoration of their lives, as well as to seed a new productive system after that.

My Personal Story

It's actually a fairly long one, but I'll be brief. What you see in the attached video is all you really need to know about who I am, namely that my affliction leading to a full quad-amputee condition, which has also been an inspiration for me to continue living to the utmost under these limitations.

Future updates will provide the underlying story of how I lost my legs below the knees and the fingers on one hand, the fingers except my pinky on the other; thankfully I retained both thumbs. Yes, credible evidence exists of foul play by corrupt officials in the causation.

I also have seen a persistent pattern of desertion by state agencies charged with providing life-enabling services for me, a legitimately disabled person. The 'covid' lockdown further removed the safety net of my live-in aide, helping me out, who was discharged from her employment. In fact as this is being written I'm facing eviction from my domicile.

How I Fit into the Lockdown Relief and Rebuild Effort

Brian was the source for the general idea. He had seen my video produced as a public service announcement by myself and my friend Jeremy Salo at CLV PRODUCTIONS and thought I would make a perfect spokesman for overcoming adversity through tapping into one's inner resources—"aligning with the field."

A week ago, in Brian's Tweetsphere, a Scottish bar and restaurant owner, PJG @luapmarharg, confessed to have "lost his business, no means to pay, kids wondering what's for Christmas, feeling 'like a deck chair on the Titanic.''"

Light bulb. Raise funds for producers-businessmen who've been deprived of their lives by the 'covid' unprecedented emergency lockdown. Brian and I are stepping up to start a fund for PJG and others in his shoes. We're honest, we're smart, we'll organize a "constructive charity" to help me and the PJGs of the world to lead the way along the path to true abundance for all.

Business Plan and Vision

Initially, we launched with a goal of 10 million USD to provide 1,000 lockdown business victims 10 thousand USD per year , and share-replicate the process 100 times => 1 billion USD and 100,000 lockdown business victims each being funded 10,000 USD. That's the END goal vision now.

But we'll lower the initial goal to something more realistic. This is the seed fundrazr, and the goal is $100. Then subsequent iterations of the carryover platform will increase the goal by the power of 2. [Such that the 16th iteration will have a goal of $6.55 million and when complete will have raised more than $13 million total.]

We'll provide more details of our method in an update.

Note: the "PJGs" of the world will on their part be obliged to use part of their proceeds as investment into our  "engines of planetary production" model. They will be seeds (figuratively and literally) to what we envision as a $multitrillion 'Cannabis Planet'—for food, fuel, health, welfare.  [We shall follow the cooperative-not-corporate, "small town, family farm," community model.]

We shall leverage the productive vision thru the solution platform.

Start the Ball Rolling Now

Please contribute to, invest in, this endeavor. I assure you that Mr. Wright and I have the je ne sais quoi between us to ramp up the effort with paradigm-shifting synergy.




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