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We are the Labrador Land Protectors.

photo: Evan Careen We are a group of concerned citizens fighting against the development of the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric megaproject. We are a diverse group and we come from all walks of life. We all bring different experiences, perspectives, and opinions. We are Innu. We are Inuit. We are Southern Inuit/Metis. We are Settlers. And we are all banding together to #ShutMuskratDown.

We are fighting against Muskrat Falls for many reasons.

1. Inuit and Southern Inuit/Metis were never consulted to give free, prior, and informed consent to this project. This projects affects the waterways and lands around Inuit Settlement Areas. That we were not consulted directly violates the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (Article 28) .

2. This project has been fraught with racism from the very beginning . Innu workers at Muskrat Falls worksite have faced everything from racist remarks to physical assault on the job. This is unacceptable.

3. The Muskrat Falls dam will cause significant methlymercury contamination. Methylmercury is a neurotoxin that bioaccumulates in fat as it progresses up the food web. This is particularly harmful to us because we hunt and fish from these waters. By contaminating the food sources of our traditional diet, Nalcor is cutting us off from our culture and way of life.

4. The dam itself is built on quick clay and poses a serious safety risk to the public. Experts have spoken out against the structural problems that arise from building on quick clay and have deemed it "not safe". Furthermore, Nalcor is passing the buck on their inadequate emergency response plans in case of a breach in the dam.

5. The economic impacts of this project will haunt our province forever. Nalcor's own CEO called the project a boondoggle ! The estimated costs are up to $11.4 Billion , and rising. This will impact the entire province, not just Labradorians.

These are just a sampling of the serious issues that we are fighting against. And the only reasonable solution: Shut. Muskrat. Down.

(photo: Elsie Wolfrey) We have been on the ground fighting this project for years. However, our actions have ramped up in the last few months. As a result, Nalcor is doing everything they can to silence us. Here is a brief timeline of recent legal actions taken against us:

- October 17th, 2016: Nine land protectors are arrested in an overnight raid, including the violent arrest of a young inuk woman.
- October 22nd, 2016: Land protectors begin their five-day occupation of the Muskrat Falls work camp.
- October 24th, 2016: A court order threatens 22 land protectors with arrest for occupying the camp and for continued on the ground action at the main gates of Muskrat Falls. This includes journalist Justin Brake of who was on the scene covering events for The Independent, a move that is highly criticized by many journalism organizations .
- November 22nd, 2016: Ten more land protectors are arrested in ambush-style arrests. Another injunction is issued naming a further 15 land protectors, including a 96 year-old elder who visited the gates to get her picture taken, and a photojournalist who was simply documenting events.

(photo: Mike Hynes) Given the sheer volume of land protectors who have been arrested or face possible arrest, we are raising funds to support our legal fees.

We are working towards assembling a legal team to help us fight Nalcor in our many many court appearances. Any funds we raise will go torwards our lawyers.

Your help would mean so much to us. We are fighting for our land, our culture, our children and grandchildren and all of the generations to come. Your support allows us to continue the good fight. Any little bit helps.
(photo: Erin Saunders) Tshiniskamitin. Nakummek. Thank you.


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