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Jack is a happy and lively 6 year old with an intense love of books that took root before he reached the age of 2. Jack can spend hours printing and spelling-out his favourite words and street names and loves the computer. Jack is just one of the many children in Ontario with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Ontario School Boards are needlessly risking the development and the potential of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), like Jack and limiting their ability to become full members of society.

We need your help in challenging this and making the lives of children with ASD brighter.

Children with ASD have difficulties in language development and social communication, often affecting their ability to develop social relationships. Without effective, evidence-based treatment, children like Jack may not develop the necessary skills required to function at home, in school and in their communities, leading to a life of challenges and hardships.

Every child in Ontario should have an equal chance for growth

Jack started Senior Kindergarten this past September.

3 days a week, Jack attends Monarch House, one of Canada’s leading organizations helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

At Monarch House, children like Jack receive Comprehensive Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Comprehensive ABA is currently the most effective treatment for children with ASD. At Monarch House, the behavioural, social and communication needs of children with ASD and other disabilities are met with consistent treatment that keeps learning rates at their peak. 

In addition to 3 days spent at Monarch House, Jack attends his local school for 3 days a week as well. Attending local public schools help children with ASD like Jack keep pace with their peers, integrate better with other children and helps fight the isolation that often comes with ASD.

The Ontario Ministry of Education's Policy/Program Memorandum 140 states that ABA teaching methods are to be provided to all students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Sadly, in practice, this policy is not implemented in Ontario School Boards.

Education Resource Workers and Education Assistants are not properly trained to apply these Comprehensive ABA techniques that require specialized implementation and data collection.

Further, Ontario Education Resource Workers and Education Assistants are not overseen by Board Certified Behavior Analysts responsible for reviewing the collected data and altering the teaching based on the child’s progress and needs.

When children with Autism Spectrum Disorder attend their local schools without proper ABA teaching methods in place, they may suffer setbacks in learned skills which can affect their ability to advance within the typical school community.

Attending their local school should not undermine or reverse the gains that have been made at places like Monarch House.  

Jack's School Board has refused to hear our concerns and take action. We have no other option now than to fight for the future of children with ASD by taking action against the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board (DPCDSB) at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

How we’re fighting for Ontario's children with ASD

We are taking legal action against the school to:

  • Ensure children like Jack get the support they need in order to reach their full potential in school.
  • Get children like Jack into public schools full-time, just like the rest of their peers.
  • Ensure that Comprehensive ABA is available in all schools in Ontario with all the supports necessary, to students like Jack and more importantly, to the extent that each student requires.

We need to bring Ontario in-line with other jurisdictions such as Australia, where ABA has been fully offered to students since {1999}.

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Pledge your support today! For just a donation of $5, $20 or $50, you can ensure children like Jack will have the same learning opportunities as any other child in Ontario. All donations go directly to legal fees and expenses. We are so close to our goal and your support will help correct this for all of Ontario children like Jack with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Thank you.

- Beth & Mike


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