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Watch the video above to get a sense of what the film will be like.

ABOUT THE FILM:   2020 was an unprecedented year in human history. The advent of SARS-CoV-2 was a catalyst for deep societal division and turmoil, government action unparalleled in the modern liberal world, and the severe disruption of long-accepted norms of human interaction and commerce.

Some of the most profound divisions resulted from divergent interpretations of the data, conflicting beliefs about how risk should be handled on a social level, and contradictory understandings of the appropriate role of governmental institutions in solving crises. These rifts were exacerbated by the politicization of what should have been a purely scientific matter.

The mainstream narrative, professed by the vast majority of politicians and media personalities, largely accepted  - without question -  that disruptive lockdowns and mask mandates were critical tools for solving the crisis of the pandemic.  

Those who challenged this conventional wisdom were often mocked, bullied and de-platformed. Those who suggested that there might be better solutions or who warned of dire consequences, potentially even more severe than the virus itself, were shunned and accused of being irrational and heartless.

Follow the Science: On Lockdowns and Liberty examines this tension between the mainstream narrative and those challenging it, dives deeply into the data, and tells the stories of lives disrupted and damaged by the sweeping choices that were made, focusing largely on the American landscape.

This project will have two phases: PHASE ONE will be a 20-30 minute documentary that will focus largely on the data and the personal stories and will likely be released in the Fall of 2021.

PHASE TWO will be a feature-length documentary that will build on the material from the shorter version and will spend more time analyzing the causes of the deep division and the implications for the future.  This second-phase, full-length documentary should be released sometime in the first half of 2022.


Your contribution now will help us get the 20-30 minute film completed

and lay a strong foundation for the feature-length documentary!!


- Anyone who recognizes that the truth of the pandemic situation may be more nuanced than we have been led to believe by our politicians and pundits will want to support this endeavor. 

- Anyone who values a truly scientific, data-driven approach to understanding the pandemic and is skeptical that the public officials have sufficient answers to cavalierly and severely disrupt the lives of individuals around the globe will find this documentary worthy of their donation.

- Anyone who understands that the underpinnings of civilization itself are being threatened, both through the unprecedented use of government force and the suppression of heterodox viewpoints, will want to get behind this project.


Our mission is to get this perspective out into the world in a highly engaging and persuasive format in order to prevent these kinds of invasive and divisive approaches from ever being implemented again.

Making a high-quality, engaging and persuasive film requires talent, resources and time.

Your contribution will help us:

  • hire the right team of skilled professionals (director, producers, editors, composer, etc.)
  • craft high-quality graphics and animations to clearly illustrate the data
  • make a film that truly reaches hearts and minds and influences how people think about these important matters
  • bring the right interview subjects on-board the project to help us make the best case possible
  • go a long way to help us market the finished project so that we can get it in front of as many minds as we can manage



TRAILER INFO - Archival Footage Sources: The Late Show, MSNBC, CNBC, Ruptly, The Pandemic Podcast, WPTV, The Rubin Report, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, ABC7, PBS News Hour, Pandata.org, AwakenWithJP, Fox News, The Hill, Kelly Brown, Ian Miller, NBC, CBS New York, ABC20, CNN.

Additional audio and visuals used by rights of Fair Use. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted.



SoundMind Creative Group is comprised of professional filmmakers of all types that share a passionate commitment to:

  • freedom of expression and the uninhibited exchange of ideas
  • a belief in objective reality as well as the essential subjective imagination of the artist
  • an understanding that the scientific method is a process of aiming to understand the world, not settled doctrine
  • the right of every person to live and pursue the best life they can imagine without forceful interference from any person, organization or government
  • the idea that decentralized knowledge and actions create a spontaneous and effective social order that best serves the interests of all individuals
  • an understanding that stories and various forms of self-expression are a critical aspect of human flourishing and an essential tool in understanding and sharing truth

We, the founding members of SoundMind, share decades of frontline entertainment industry experience among us. We have created SoundMind as an umbrella production company for member creatives who wish to retain a level of privacy, allowing them a platform to freely create without fear of harmful pushback from those who may find our shared ideas challenging.  We recognize that Cancel Culture is, sadly, a real phenomenon in today’s world. We vehemently oppose this trend and have established SoundMind as a protective space where member artists of all kinds can share perspectives and ideas that may at times run counter to the mainstream, “acceptable” narrative.

Follow the Science: On Lockdowns and Liberty is a SoundMind Creative Group original production. We welcome you to become a supporting member of SoundMind.





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