HELP FIND OUR BOY KEMO! He is vulnerable & scared!
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Our dog KEMO went missing 8th February and our hearts stopped beating. HELP give our exhausted family our BEST chance at having our boy back home where he belongs! We don't know where he is or whats happened to him! WE NEED HELP!

HELP give an exhausted family our BEST chance at having our boy back home where he belongs!

Our hearts stopped beating on the 8th February 2018 @ 11:15am in the Wood Lane, Cotton End area of Bedford. When our boy KEMO, a white & black Staffordshire bull-terrier went missing from a walk! He has distinctive markings! Especially a band of black around the base of his tail! We have been frantically searching for our boy all around Bedford ever since he went missing. We have been at every sighting hoping he will be there safe and warm but we always seem to get dead ends. I can’t remember the last time I got to cuddle my boy and kiss him goodnight! But now he has been away from home far too long, that he is in survival mode and won’t accept strangers help! We desperately need professionals to help locate and should he be stolen as we suspect he has been, we need professional to help locate our boy before he completely forgets who we are! We need serious HELP! 

We got KEMO as a pup because my husband Olly was suffering from cancer, and I wanted to give him a bundle of joy to care for but with kemo's love, trust, committment and strength, we got something so much more, he was an incredible support, sometimes I think KEMO could sense what Olly was coping with, they were inseparable throughout his treatments. My husband pulled through and went into remission and it is the reason we called him KEMO. My boy is a loved, cherished and missed, but sometimes a spoilt 18 months baby but he is apart of the family and we would do absolutely anything to have you home with us again! I never quite understood why police came quicker to a dog being taken from it's family, only when the suspect broke into the house. Because if someone gave me the choice between my TV and everything in my house or KEMO. I would choose KEMO in a heart beat. As would many other fur mothers do the same. Pets deserve the right resources used, to be searched for as if they were a lost child. And I can assure you our KEMO deserves the world.  So PLEASE if you have my boy just give him to the nearest vet and say you found him, no questions asked. I just want to hold my boy again. I just need to know what's happened to him!

We originally put the goal to 1k as we didn't know what we was doing...we thought this would be enough for the safe return of our boy. But this has been a long and exhausting journey for us all and every one supporting kemo's cause. Every road we keep going down seems to be a dead end. 4 WEEKS of searching efforts from the public and not a single positive sighting :((( we thought he was just roaming around Bedford but the more the days go on...this is becoming less true. The truth is we have NO IDEA where our boy is and it is making us mentally and physically drained and ill. Now, we can only hope that we have enough funds to have him back in our arms.  

Funds raised here will be solely for the purpose of improving the publicity in connections with Animal Search UK in hopes of making EVERY ONE aware of Kemo and his story. And the purpose of increasing his reward money for his safe return home. Because he may have been sold off by now, we need people to be vigilant and report anything suspicious right away! It's been a LONG and HEARTBREAKING 4 weeks, in the search for kemo. But now moving forward, we don't know where he is, who has him. We want to know what's happened to him since he disappeared. I feel he has been sold off somewhere his story isn't as popular! He may be traumatised because we don't know whether he was taken from us when he ran off on a walk chasing a rabbit (which he never gets) or he just got lost and then was picked up and kept! Either way if they know the heartache they are putting us through with NOT giving him back. Then HE IS STOLEN. That thought alone, just breaks me into pieces. We need answers! I dread to think what must be going through his little head out there asking himself where we are. It just tears me down thinking about him! PLEASE help me bring KEMO home!

If you cannot help us with contributions then please join our social media site and follow our efforts at Find Kemo page on FB! PLEASE share him far and wide because it’s the not knowing what’s happened to our boy that hurts the most. And if you’ve ever had the pain of losing a loved fur baby and not knowing what's happened to them for days and weeks, maybe even years! Then you will know how we feel! It’s exhausting, sickening and an emotional roller coaster! Some one must know where he is! We won’t ever stop loving and looking for you KEMO <3 <3

xDeb & Olly!x

I am so sorry for the confusion this has caused you all. I just want our boy kemo back!! It's all I ever will want and if these organisations can truly help then I will do whatever it takes to have him again. Thank you so much for your continued support and generous contributions you have all given!! xxxx
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