Miles is our 2nd IVDD Rescue - Two Friday's In a Row
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For the 2nd Friday in a row, DRSF has been called on to be a safety net for a dog whose family who was not equipped to provide or care for their doxie with IVDD.  Last week we were the safety net for Sunday.  Tonight, DRSF is the safety net for Miles, whose family felt they only had two options - surrender or euthanize.  

It is not Miles fault he developed IVDD. It is not Miles fault that his family felt that they could not have children, work and care for an IVDD dog.  Is it not Miles fault that when he lost the use of his legs, his family boarded him with their vet.  It is not Miles fault that when offered the information on how to easily care for an IVDD survivor, Miles family was not up for it (which is not for us to judge.....).  To them, surrender was the only option. 

We have barely covered Sunday's IVDD surgery. If we say no, who steps up? 

As we always do, we put our faith in the good.  We put our faith in you, our community, who for 10 years have kept us going through decisions that were not logical, rational, or financial.  

And so we said yes.  And with that yes, Miles became a DRSF dog and made his way to Southeast Veterinary Neurology where Dr. De Pompa scrapped any Valentines Day plans that he had to not only see Miles as soon as he came in, but to go right to MRI and then to surgery as time is of the essence.  (...And now that we think about it, we have probably wrecked more than a few people's Valentines Day Plans as Dr. Dr Pompa needed his team to get Miles through the surgery <3 )

It is not our place to judge those who believe they can't care for an IVDD dog.  It is our place to be a safe landing for those families and their dogs.  It IS our place to be that rare kind of compassion that gives without judging even when many of us might choose to handle the situation differently. 

We want to be that place for Miles and continue to be able to be that place for those who come after him.  Can we count on you for a donation of any size to make it possible for us to continue to be that safety net and place? 


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