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Our mission is to improve the lives of people who have survived brain injuries or concussions. Since every brain injury is different, our team of specialists customize each program based on the needs of the client in order to build capacity in the parts of the brain that need it most. Improved executive functioning is possible and can open a world of possibilities! 

Currently there is a gap in care for helping those in our community that have brain injuries. Public and private healthcare can only go so far. Your donation will increase much needed access to rehabilitation programs for people in need in our community now! 

Sadly, at current state not many programs are available for this marginalized population. Your donation will support access to programs for people with brain injuries in our community now. 

We would like your support. Please consider making a donation today. Every dollar counts. Following a brain injury and returning to community can be extremely challenging. From doctors appointments, employment issues, chronic fatigue it can be hard to focus on the healing process. Your donation can change a life an enable people to focus on recovery. 

The cause is under recognized and sadly under funded. We started Watson Centre because we observed that there was a significant gap in care from inpatient to outpatient to community care. Our program is making a difference now in our community at our centre in Burnaby. People are improving their overall quality of life by engaging in our programs. People are getting back to work and reclaiming some of their lives back! They are having new reasons to be optimistic about their futures. We would really appreciate your support.  


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