35 Dogs Ahead, Too Many Urgent Medical Needs- Our War Chest Needs Help
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2019 is just half way over and there are no signs of the need letting up.  As of today, DRSF is 35 dogs ahead on intake of where we were last year, and the last 30 days have seen a parade or urgent medical needs the likes of which we do not remember - we have covered everything from 15 hoarding survivors and supporting their physical and emotional and maternal needs, to spinal cord infections, to to advanced glaucoma to coccidia, to hookworm anemia to dog attacks general neglect and everything in between.

This care needed to treat all these conditions has covered office visits, medications, more blood work than we can shake a stick at, MRI's, spinal taps, eye removals, and multiple rounds on surgery on the same dog, and a blood transfusion.

We have saved lives, and given 2nd chances, and our community has been SO generous, but our War Chest is in ROUGH shape.  We are down on bended knees to ask your support to help us cover those dogs whose care has not been fully funded.

We hear from so many people "I wish I could give more".  All it takes is LITERALLY $1 to join our lifesaving team.  $1 gets you bragging rights that you are part of the hardest working team in rescue.  $1 makes it possible for you to say that you made a difference.  We want to be able to keep saying yes where others say no and to do that our War Chest needs an infusion - can we count on you for at least $1?




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