Purebred Parvo Pups Have No Chance But Us
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The call came from the shelter...there were 4 purebred pups who came in and had tested positive for Parvo.  They were going to die without us, and still could possibly die even with rescue, but we are "Dachshund Rescue" not "Dachshund Only Guaranteed Outcome" or "Dachshund Only If We Know We Can Raise the Money" so the Pambulance was headed South to provide the only chance for these little ones that they had.

We were heartbroken that by the time Pam was able to get there, one of the pups had already passed from Parvo, but we wiped tears away and kept moving to help the 3 that were left.  Back up to Broward they went to LeadER where the three, that we have named Kratos, Kali and Sherah, were immediately put in isolation, started on IV fluids, IV abx, anti nausea and anti diarrhea meds and will require 24x7 monitoring to help them trough, if we can.

Just in case Parvo isn't a cruel enough condition with no treatment aside from palliative care, it is costly to treat due to the intensive care and monitoring needed and so even though we have no guarantee that we can save Kratos, Kali, and Sherah, we are on deck for a minimum of $2,500 each for their care.

Other groups turn away from conditions or say they can't help.  That is not us... we run toward the fire to help those with no other options.  When others cannot help, we can because YOU make it possible.  $7,500 is a lot to gamble not knowing what the outcome will be, but that is why we are DACHSHUND RESCUE....we put in the work, take the chance, and hope that the universe and community will back us....Will you help us give these three a chance?

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