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We are Lauren and Connor Waddell and, while honeymooning in Bali, we discovered the desperate situation many of the dogs are in there. After returning from a sunrise trek, we discovered 3 newborn puppies (still blind and deaf from birth) discarded in a ditch.

Here's the story: At the end of January this year, we found 3 newborn puppies discarded in a ditch at the bottom of a volcano. They were damp, shivering, crying, and starving (trying to suckle desperately on our fingers), and they were too young to even open their eyes or hear (more of the story later) - so obviously we scooped them up (after discovering there was no mum nearby). It was difficult to find care for them because a) they needed mumma milk and 24 hour care, and b) the Bali animal rescues are full and nobody could take the dogs.

The 3 babies are now in the care of a generous local Bali woman. She has her own children and she's pregnant, yet she still volunteered to feed them every two hours (including throughout the night). We discovered she had many many animals in her care, and it all comes out of her own pocket. Our three puppies are soon due for their vaccines, and eventually their neutering/spaying, and we want to make sure it's paid for.

With this discovery, however, we realized that there are way too many dogs in desperate need of care in Bali and not enough people or money to save them. BARC Bali Dogs rescue was very helpful to us in getting these puppies cared for and we want to help them, even just a little bit, with the hundreds of dogs they have. Generous hearts deserve some help.

If you're wondering, it's illegal to take dogs out of Bali, but it's possible to smuggle them out for the cost of $2000US and plane tickets etc. We will not be doing this, as we can't afford it, but if anyone wants a Bali dog and has the means, it's a great excuse to go visit Bali!


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