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Getting Don colorblind glasses!
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If you didn't know Donny's colorblind! Let's help him get glasses so he can see real color!
Any amount helps. This crowdfunding campaign pays directly to get the glasses' Please help to spread the word.


Donny has red/green color deficiency  or "colorblindness" So while he can see most color he struggles to see certain colors or certain colors look different to him than to you and I. It's difficult to say if he even sees "real" colors the way we do. We play the "what color is this?" game a lot.

-Sometimes Don can't differentiate between Guacamole and Bean dip without having to taste it since sometimes they are the same color to him.

-He gave his sister food poisoning once because he couldn't tell that the chicken he cooked was still pink. (pink tends to look grey to him)

-Speaking of which, this one time we were playing the Slug Bug game and this light blue beetle was driving by and he yelled "PINK SLUG BUG" before punching me- he cheated and we haven't played that game since.

-He has to change the color options in his video games. Bad guys = red, team members=green, yeah... he can't tell most of the time so he ends up losing a lot because he doesn't shoot the bad guy or he shoots his own team member. (it's actually pretty cute when he plays with his little brother. The little brother sometimes coaches him "Shoot!" "Don't shoot!") You'll be surprised how many video games don't give color alternatives for red/green

-Certain shades of Purple = Blue or vice versa in his world. I don't think he could see our wedding colors properly. I'm pretty sure he agreed to the color because I liked it and didn't want to disappoint me.

-I've caught him asking little kids what colors were. Not because that's an adult thing to do but because he truly doesn't know.

-When we shop he usually asks me "what color are these?" I've rescued him many times from buying the worst poop-colored pants. So. Many. Times.

There's a ton more stories about Don and his color deficiency but it's part of our daily life we don't realize how lacking it truly is until its put in perspective, which makes for some funny stories.

He's wanted to get these glasses forever. Life happens and we haven't been able to splurge on getting them. With your support we'd love for him to finally get them! Our goal is to get him two pairs, both the indoor and outdoor pair. Of course if we can get one of them funded, he'd be just as ecstatic.

We'd be thankful for any support you can give!


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