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The education system in India is broken. It is in a desperate need for reformation. I stumbled upon the passion for education and eventually became a teacher which I thought I would never do in life. I was a bright kid in school but never had a good relationship with my teachers. I asked them a lot of questions. Questions within the limits of the syllabus (which was encouraged), questions that were out of the limits of books (which was not encouraged) and questions that questioned the practicality of learning (for which your parents were called because you are outspoken). In India this instinct for pedagogy is disruptive and even dangerous.

I remember when I was in 10th grade I was made to leave the class because I asked my teacher “Why are you giving us projects and assignments that only required copying texts from books? How will this help me and India in our future of new problems not yet even understood or known which we would be facing?

Our assignment was to paste pictures of Newton and write the theory, proofs and all in a notebook that would be marked for its tidiness. Why we have to do such basic low clerical activity that didn’t helped us understand the theory of gravity at all.

The only explanation I got for the whole 12 years of education was “This is a task. This is in curriculum. You’ll be graded on this which will reflect on your report card.” Everything is related to jobs, everything is vocational. There is no education for the expansion of curiosity, it is unfortunately the opposite. I recall that was made to leave as I said “If Newton was here, he wouldn’t have made it to the apple tree and discovered gravity rather he would be burdened with all this stupid activity in the curriculum.” I used to point out things like why is it we studying that throw garbage in bins but we don’t have a dustbin in classroom. Save electricity while the switches are broken. Save water while our bathroom leaks water for two months now. Save paper while we have to make 15 notebooks for five subjects. 

I never thought I would be develop a passion for education and start teaching kids. But my perspective about teachers is changing and I think it is one of most rewarding work a person can do. I believe that education has the power to empower people. It makes people capable enough to think that they can change their conditions. But the education system in India is flawed. It promotes rote learning at the cost of analytical thinking. It’s commercialized and delivering a vocational based education which is developing a whole new generation of knowledgeable idiots who are skilled enough to become a drones. The education should be more practical, student centred and more inclusive. Education shouldn’t be about survival rather it should be about extending your outreach of understandings and developing capabilities of choice. Generate knowledge and new ideas that make lives better. Learning is fun and education should be too ! 

I got accepted into Quest University Canada this year with a $20,000 financial aid. The university embraces critical thinking, intellectual breadth and worldly perspective. I found this university while watching a TEdx talk. The speaker, Dr. David Helfand (President of Quest Uni.) was witfully describing the structure of a University and how creativity is killed in such an environment. I am looking forward to joining Quest University as I describe it as my big leap in life. I deferred my admission from Fall 2015 to Fall 2016 as my family doesn’t have sufficient funds to finance my education. Indian banks do not offer education loans without collateral (like property or savings). I deferred my enrollment with high hopes that I will be able to fundraise $20,000 to get my education on wheels for the first two years. After getting there, I’ll work in summer holidays, search for more scholarships, meet companies and find different ways to complete my college education.

The money that you’ll donate goes for a better future. For a better cause. Your little gift would not only take me to a step closer for my big leap in life but will also encourage me to keep following my dreams further down the track in my life. There is a definite need for a paradigm shift in the field of education in India. I want to dedicate my life striving towards this possibility because I can’t stand seeing a whole new generation getting ruined racing for empty excellence. Your donation would make my dreams turn into reality. Me going to Canada is one of many. I think it is very possible to drag yourself out from mediocrity and aim for a bigger future.

I just need your little support and a smiley face which will make this a bit easier. All I want is a better education. I don't feel like thriving in this environment and I think Quest university will do that for me. I have a vision to make learning process fun and meaningful. A dream to change the mindset of people about education. But money is the only thing which is stopping me from achieving that goal. Your donation will get me there. Your love will change my life. If you believe in dreams and if you believe change. Please Donate. Share my story and get me to Canada. 

If I am not able to reach my target, then I'll keep the money for future. All the money I fundraised will be spent in making my dreams come true. 

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