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Community (Treasure)Chest from EC3D - Volume 1
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Welcome to the first volume of "Community (Treasure)Chest" by EC3D!

This project brings you 3D printable STL files for support-free miniatures, terrain and scatter elements, and tabletop props to enrich your gaming experience. This series also takes a unique angle on the market, and charitable giving. 


How is this different than a Kickstarter or traditional crowd-funding?

  • 40% of raised funds is donated to charity! (more on that below)
  • The entire set is priced as "pay-what-you-can", minimum $2. 
  • The unlocked STL files are available right away for you to print - no waiting!
  • The campaign will run for 21 days, and there will be no late pledge option - items will be packaged and sold at retail pricing on after funding period.


** VOLUME ONE is concluded, and it went great! Stay tuned for Volume 2 soon! **


Painted photos 



I have run several successful Kickstarter campaigns and other projects, and am always a bit saddened when I hear that folks cannot afford to participate due to limited funds or life situations. 3D printers are expensive to get going as well. I wanted to offer some high-quality sets that EVERYBODY could get their hands on. 

The minimum is $2 - but the final retail price of this set in my store after the 3 week campaign will be around $30 or more. My hope is that those who can afford to pay more will choose to do so ($5, $10, $15, etc... whatever you feel is fair). This project had substantial time and cost investments to get off the ground, but if it succeeds I hope it is a vehicle by which we, as a 3D printing community, can continue to give to charitable causes and continue to make high quality models available for everybody. 

If you are in a tough financial spot, running a game for kids or charity, or just don't feel like spending more than $2, then by all means get in for $2. If you have the means to pay more, appreciate the quality and contents of this set, want to see more like this in the future, and love charitable giving, please pay as much as you are willing!




I sure did! 40% of the entire revenue from this project, calculated as total $ raised minus cost of hosting platform (5%) minus cost of card transaction fees (3% + $.30 each), will be donated to charity. For Volume 1 we will be donating to the awesome charity Heifer International ( which helps end poverty by providing livestock and agriculture training in struggling countries.

Accountability for giving: At the conclusion of this project I will make the donation from the project funds, and publicly share (and update this page) with the receipt from the charity to confirm the donation on our behalf.



This project features a complete set of support-free minis (suitable for resin or FDM printing), terrain/scatter to bring your table to life, props that the DM can use to give/interact with the players, and full-color comic intro page for the encounter.

The theme of Volume 1 of this new "Community (Treasure)Chest" Series is focusing on the alien Mind Horror race - who feed on brains, have psychic abilities, and are truly - at the center of their beings - evil as hell. Everything is scaled to use for 28-32mm tabletop gaming.



Miniatures are ~30-32mm scale (similar to Reaper Bones) and are designed to print support-free on resin and FDM printers. They have a high level of detail and are a blast to print and paint. Included are a few reworked/remastered ones from a previous Kickstarter I ran, and multiple new models!

miniature STL renders



Mind Horrors are truly evil, and their lairs reflect that - full of cruel experiments, pools for raising their larvae, and more. All pieces are designed/optimized for FDM support-free printing but versions cut to fit standard resin print beds are also included, and the detail is amazing!

scatter/terrain STL renders



If you are a game master, you know how much fun it can be to introduce real-life items to your players at the table. 3D printing has made that even more fun! I love including related props that can help add depth/richness to the gameplay experience. All pieces print on both resin and FDM printers easily.

prop STL renders


The Mind Horror Ring is already available to download from Thingiverse right now, and you canCHECK IT OUT HERE


I figured why the hell not try adding even more cool media to the gameplay experience, right!? This awesome comic intro is a one-page design that you can share digitally or print to give players to intro them to the Mind Horror colony. It's designed to reflect the exact minis/terrain that's included in the set, and is a generic "encounter intro"  that can be shared before or during a session to introduce another fun element to the gameplay. Look for more of this from EC3D in the future ;-)



stretch goals and unlocks


As the project continues there will be many stretch goals added! Most of the models are ready and will be added to the Dropbox link right as they are unlocked.

You can increase your donation/pledge amount at any time to help unlock more of these! Many of them will be made available RIGHT AWAY for downloading/printing as they are unlocked! Keep an eye on this section, and campaign updates for more info as the ball gets rolling!

Stretch goals


additional information



Backing this project gives you personal license to use these models to print for your own personal use. You cannot distribute, modify, or sell them in any capacity. If you wish to sell physical prints of these files commercially, they are eligible for the EC3D/Hero's Hoard Licensing Program.


Files will be delivered to you in a download link via automated email as soon as you back the campaign. The download link will be a custom code to access a Dropbox folder. As new unlocks are hit, if the files are ready they will be added to the Dropbox folder and available right away. The comic is still a work-in-progress but will be ready before the 21 day campaign is finished, and also added to the Dropbox folder.

PLEASE NOTE - you will receive a generic "thank you" email from Fundrazr, then another one from ec3d.desgin with the download link. That second email can take up to 60 minutes to arrive.


These files are designed to work on most common 3D printers but a well-tuned printer, and knowledge of printing, will allow you to get the most out of these models. EC3D has made and distributed thousands of high-quality, easy to print models - but is not responsible for the quality you yourself are able to achieve with your individual printer. Fore more information check out my friend Danny, 3D Printed Tabletop on YouTube.


In short - NO. The main models, and some of the planned stretch goals, are already done.


EC3D is a design/modeling company started by myself (Evan Carothers) to make models for tabletop games. It has evolved over the last few years to work with many other creative professionals and artists beyond just myself to bring larger projects to realization. We just wrapped up the Wilds of Wintertide campaign on Kickstarter, with Depths of Savage Atoll and The Skyless Realms and more. I'm a contributing artist the OpenForge Project, and have lots of scatter terrain sets on . I have brought thousands of easy to print, high quality miniatures and terrain pieces to market - you can read tons of happy reviews on my Facebook page.


I know right! - Check out Cephalopod Studios Twitch stream to see them paint a lot more awesome stuff!


Joshua Black (character modeling), Jorge Fernández (character modeling), Ryan Calhoun/Cephalopod Studios (test printing and amazing paint), Brandon Palas (comic art), Lidless Eye Studios (test printing), and Zack Finrock (logo design)


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