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Zephyr and Tru's Post COVID LIfe
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Everyone's world has been turned upside down, and we are just now starting to see the after effects of those aniamls whose lives have also been turned upside down due to the virus.  Zerphyr and True are two of those dogs.

They both came to DRSF today after spending two weeks in quarantine at MDAS's old shelter (which is open air with no AC and Florida in July is no picnic....) becuase they were exposed to COVID.

They minute we could get them out of there we did, and we send our thanks to Dr. Bruce's Animal Hospital who accomodated us on a holiday to see them when Zerphyr and Tru arrived.

COVID quarantine aside, they both have all the calling cards of a rough life.  Zerphyr is 10 years old, has a mouth full of rotten teeth, multiple masses on him, bad skin, missing fur and his tail is bald.  All the masses will be aspirated to see what we are dealing with and removed if possible, along with his horriby overgrown nails.

Tru is only 6, and is in equally bad shape, also with horrible teeth, and mammary masses and overgrown nails.

They were both checked out by Dr. Bruce and will spend their first night in two weeks in air conditioning with a full tummy, a soft bed, and can hopefully get some well deserved rest.

We know there are more dogs like Zephyr and Tru out there and your support to help them makes it possible for us to be ready to be the safety net for those who we know are out there and will need us very soon. 


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