Manny & Raven - TWO More IVDD Cases
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Rescue never rests - especially on long weekends and holidays.  This Memorial Day Weekend is no different.   Someway, some how, two more IVDD cases have come to our door.

Both are in need, both are deserving of care and a 2nd chance.  Who do we say yes to and who do we turn away? 

Very few groups work with IVDD dogs.  Even fewer work with 3 IVDD dogs in one week.  There is only one that will roll the dice and say yes two TWO IVDD cases in one day.

We have no reason to believe that after all you have given this week for Luna, Remo, and Rhett that we have any chance of getting two more IVDD Cases across the finish line, but we could not turn them away.

If we say no, where do they go? Who else will step up?  We can hardly wrap our brains around two IVDD cases at once with a 3rd still hospitalized, but we have to try.

So here goes our Hail Mary Pass.....

Both Raven and Manny are owner surrenders who came to us when their families could not provide the care they needed.  Raven comes to DRSF locally with Manny's Mom driving him all the way from Atlanta to us because she trusted us and trusted Southeast Veterinary Neurology.

Both are a gamble that they will come back - Raven had deep pain, Manny did not.  

Both are under the care of Dr. De Pompa (who is probably wishing he had not been on call this weekend).  

Raven and Manny will be our 7th and 8th IVDD cases this year already and we can continue to say yes for only one reason.  You.  We will keep saying yes as long as you make it possible for us to do so.  

It doesn't take a lot to make a miracle - Just $1 earns you a spot on the hardest working, hardest loving, most generous team in rescue.  We are asking for a lot, but we hope you agree they are both worth it and Manny and Raven can count on you for a couple dollars.  



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