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Last Chance Animal Rescue is just that, the last chance for many animals just like Blade. Blade is a young 3 yr old mix of 30lbs who until yesterday enjoyed a loving home.  That all changed in the blink of an eye when he was struck by a car and both of his back legs were shattered.  His owner has little means and through tears made the decision to sign him over to the veterinary clinic, not able to afford the expense. 

The Veterinary staff reached out to us for help, pleading that we give him a chance, the only option they could afford was to euthanize the dog, without a skilled and experienced orthopedic surgeon they could only offer to put him out of his misery.

Seeing a young dog, so confused, so heartbroken and so obviously broken we could not turn away. While it is discouraging we refuse to give up, and we know you share our commitment to saving lives, especially those less fortunate. We have been referred to a renowned surgeon who has offered to perform the surgery and has been generous with the fee, knowing we are a rescue. That said we are looking at a total cost of $4-5k - a sum of money we simply don't have. 

This is extremely urgent, Blade is currently on pain meds but with two broken femur bones, time is of the essence and we can’t move him to surgery until we raise the funds.  We are asking you to please take a moment and think about Blade, and imagine being in our shoes - could you take his life or are you like us - would you want to take a chance and pray for an amazing outcome??  We hope you will agree that he deserves that chance, with your help we can transfer him to the surgeon ASAP to perform the surgery so that Blade can begin his recovery. 

Please donate, $5, $10, $15 it all adds up quickly and will make all the difference for this poor soul.  If you aren't able to donate please share and pray for our boy Blade!  Last Chance is committed to saving him and giving him the best chance at a good life, can we count on you to join us?  

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