Haddie Had Nobody to Come For her but Us
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The email went out from the shelter late this afternoon - a little girl with a large, ulcerated mammary mass was blasted to all the shelters rescue partners for medical rescue.  The shelter was not equipped to treat her and they needed someone to come for her today.

She was clearly not a doxie so while we wanted nothing more than to jump and help her, we hung back, hoping another group would step up.  We waited, and waited, and a note did not come back saying that a group had committed to help her.  It got later and later in the afternoon and still nothing, and we couldn't bear to leave her there overnight and for how much longer, clearly in need of medical care and with the risk of being euthanized.  We sent our hold.  This little Yorkie was now a doxie.

Transport was organized, the shelter was put on notice we were on our way, and LeadER was alerted there was an incoming that needed help.  We named our new little Yoxie (Yorkie doxie?) Haddie and her freedom ride brought her right to LeadER where she was taken right to the back for medical care.  

Dr. Merrin examined Haddie and along with the large, ulcerated mammary mass, Haddie also has milk coming out of her other mammary chain, and she has a fever of 103, likely from the infection of her mammary mass.  Dr. Merrin got her started on fluids, antibiotics, pain meds, bloodwork, chest x-rays to confirm if anything has metastasized.  Haddie will also need a Cardio Consult with Dr. Schroeder with EKG due to the sounds of her heart.  We will let her stabilize for  a few days and then hopefully will be able to go to surgery to get that yucky mass off her. 

We don't know her story, or how long she was on the streets, or if someone watched her get sick and did nothing.  That is not our work  or our worry.  Karma will take care of whoever did this to Haddie, and it is our work to rally together to give her the chance she has been denied for so long.  Can Haddie count on you for a donation, of any size to giver her a chance at her happily ever after? 



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