Charlie Was Going To Die And We Didn't Know Why....
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It has been a wild ride so far this year and 2019 doesn't show any signs of letting up.  Not only are we doing everything we can to be there for the dogs coming to our door, but we also have to keep our commitment to the thousands of dogs we have adopted out to always be there as a safety net for them.  Charlie is one of those dogs....

Charlie came back to DRSF a few days ago literally on the brink of death presenting with bloody diarrhea and severe lethargy.  The Dr's at LeadER did some initial diagnostics and found that Charlie's hemocrit was at "5" when it should have been "over 30" and if we didn't get up quickly, Charlie was going to die.

Charlie has had three blood transfusions already trying to get his red cell count back up again and the LeadER team has done extensive other testing trying to determine what exactly is happening with him.

One transfusion is challenging to cover and when that first one didn't work, we had a choice to make in do we let him go, or do we keep going to do everything we can for him.  In 10 years we have never let cost vs. outcome make our decisions for us and we were not going to stop now.  We ok'd a 2nd transfusion and then took one of the biggest leaps of faith we ever have to ok the 3rd.  We are "Dachshund Rescue "- not "Dachshund Only If We Know It Will Work And He Will Live" and now we turn to you, our community, to help us keep our promise.  This promise is not only to Charlie, but to the other dogs who are out there who will need us soon and if we are not able to cover Charlie's care, we may have to turn away.

As always, even $1 get us closer and even if you are not able to donate, a comments along helps as the more people who comment, the most people who see our stories.  Will you help us help Charlie?

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