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Once upon a time, there was a little cottage in the woods on Cottontail Lane. A lady lived there, with her husband and three children. She had a kind heart and a huge love for bunnies. It wasn't long before word got out and people began bringing their bunnies to her to help heal and care for. Soon, more bunnies came. And then, more. The lady didn't seem to mind, but where to put them all? This lady's huband, was also kind, and though he wasn't overly excited by the notion, didn't say much when one bunny came to live in his garage. And then, there were two. And then. . . it wasn't long before there were more bunnies than tools, and it became apparent that they would need a new space. A couple years later, with the help of some amazing bunny lovers, the Bunny Barn was built. However, it didn't take too long for that to fill-up either, and the couple began work on an addition to the back. Finally, they had a nice 20x24 barn. Certainly, that would be enough room, right? Well, then a colony of sister buns came that loved each other and were bonded. How could they separate them? The only answer was to build them their own space: a rabbitat. And now, with all the barns filled-up and a line of buns waiting to come here, the time has come to expand again and have a new Bunny Barn built. With rolled-up sleeves and a determined tilt to their heads, this couple is ready once again, to make room for new bunnies. Please, won't you help us?

It has been a long road full of great joys and deep sorrows. Our strength and hearts have been tested - and sometimes torn right in two - but this is bigger than us. It is bigger than you. There are small, quiet beings that need us - that need YOU. We realized a long time ago, that for this organization to work we could not do it alone. It is a great work that is carried out by many hands: some in the foreground doing the physical work; others in the background making this work possible. It truly does take a village. 

If you have followed us on facebook, you know how challenging this winter has been. There were the sick rabbits we took in right after Christmas (all of whom - but one of the most severely ill; who will stay with us as a sanctuary bunny for as long as he has life left - have been healed and found amazing, forever homes. We found incredible homes for so many bunnies (did you know, CCRR does house visits before adopting? No other shelter does this. Did you know we have a "forever buddy program," where we will be there for our adoptive families for as long as they need us?) and worked hard for our buns, some who have come here in very, bad shape. We have had moments of great joy and ones of terrible sorrow, like the recent loss of our "Little Tanner" who suffered brain damage from anesthesia during his neuter surgery and eventually passed. We do our best to share everything with you: our happy stories - and the sad ones. Because rescue work is not always pretty and it is important for the public to understand how hard so many of them have it.

ABOUT THE NEW BARN: we are incredibly excited! Like the Bunny Barn, the new barn will be built by the Amish in Pennsylvania and trucked up here, as early as the middle of Maine. This barn will be 12x32 with room to add on to the back. We plan on putting it behind the apple orchard. There will be three big, open stalls inside for buns to live in a colony. Each of the stalls will have its own dutch door allowing us to open the top in the springtime, for sweet breezes to blow in. We will eventually build runs in front of these doors, so they can have plenty of outdoor time. Each stall will also have a window and lots of room to run and play, cage-free. The cost of the barn with the ground work is $12k. Here are some pictures of what it will be like:

Outside of the barn. You can see the dutch doors that open from the top.


FootprintWith your help, we can have the new barn up and going by the first of June. We are planning several, summer open houses as well as having saturday hours. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to have another barn with more bunnies to visit? What a magical time for you and your family - especially, knowing you helped make this dream a reality.

How do we do this! Why, together, of course. We need donors. I promise you, even $5 makes a difference. You would be amazed how fast it can add up when everyone gives 1 minute of their time to donate. $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 it all counts, and puts us that much closer to making a new home for neglected, abused and injured bunnies. We are also looking for donations of $1k and up. Anyone who donates at least 1k, will have their name put on a beautiful, bronze plaque called: "Our Bunny Angels"  that will be attached to the outside of the new barn. Potentially, 12 Bunny Angels! They have the choice of putting an "in honor of" (their favorite pet or person) on it. 

Please donate. Please help all those sweet, buns (some in desperate need) on our waiting list find a place here, with us.

I will leave you with a Bunny's Prayer:

I used to be a lonely rabbit,  
just looking for a home.  
I simply had no place to go,  
no one to call my own.  
I wandered through the streets and fields,  
in rain in heat and snow.  
I ate what ever I could find,  
I was always on the go.  
My skin would itch, my feet were sore,  
my body ached with pain.  
And no one stopped to give a pat  
or a gently say my name.  
I never saw a loving glance,  
I was always on the run.  
For people thought that hurting me  
was really lots of fun.  
And then one day I heard a voice  
so gentle, kind and sweet,  
And arms so soft reached down to me  
and took me off my feet.  
"No one again will hurt you"  
was whispered in my ear.  
"You’ll have a home to call your own  
where you will know no fear.  
You will be dry, you will be warm,  
you’ll have enough to eat  
And rest assured that when you sleep,  
your dreams will all be sweet."  
I was afraid I must admit,  
I've lived so long in fear.  
I can’t remember when I let  
a human come so near.  
And as she tended to my wounds  
and cleaned and brushed my fur  
she told me ‘bout the rescue group  
and what it meant to her.  
She said, "We are a circle,  
a line that never ends.  
and in the center there is you  
protected by new friends.  
And all around you are the ones  
who'll keep you safe and sound,  
who will share their loving home with you  
until a forever one can be found.  
We will do all we can  
by searching near and far,  
to find the perfect home for you,  
where you can be a star."  
She said, "There is a family,  
that’s waiting patiently,  
and pretty soon we’ll find them,  
just you wait and see.  
And then they’ll join our circle,  
they’ll help to make it grow,  
so there’ll be room for more like you,  
who have no place to go."  
I waited very patiently,  
the days, they came and went.  
Today’s the day, I would hope,  
my family will be sent.  
Then just when I began to think  
it wasn't meant to be,  
there were people standing there  
just gazing down at me.  
I knew them in a heartbeat  
I could tell they felt it too.  
They said "We have been searching for  
a special bun like you."  
Now every night I say a prayer  
to all the Gods that be.  
Thank you for the life I live  
and all you've given me.  
But most of all protect the bunnies in the shelter and on the street.  
And send a Rabbit Rescue Person  
to lift them off their feet.


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